Collected Works of Hsue-Shen Tsien [1938-1956]

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Table of Contents
Boundary Layer in Compressible Fluids
Supersonic Flow over an Inclined Body of Revolution
Problems in Motion of Compressible Fluids and Reaction Propulsion
Flight Analvsis of a Sounding Rocket with Special Reference to Propulsion by Successive Impulses
Two-Dimensional Subsonic Flow of Compressible Fluids
The Buckling of Spherical Shells by External Pressure
The Influence of Curvature on the Buckling Characteristics of Structures
A Method for Predicting the Compressibility Burble
The Buckling of Thin Cylindrical Shells under Axial Compression
Buckling of a Column with Non-Linear Lateral Supports 
A Theory for the Buckling of Thin Shdls
Heat Conduction across a Partially Insulated Wall 
On the Design of the Contraction Cone for a Wind Tunnel
Symmetrical Joukowsky Airfoils in Shear Flow
The“I.imiting I。ine,’in Mixed Subsonic and Supersonic Flow of Compressible Fluids
Loss in Compressor or Turbine due to Twisted Blades
Lifring-Line Theory for a Wing in Non-uniform Flow
Atomic Energy
Two-Dimensional Irrotational Mixed Subsonic and Supersonic Flow of a Compressible Fluid and the Upper Critical Mach Number
Superaerodynamics.Mechanics of Rarefied Gases
Propagation of Plane Sound Waves in Rarefied Gases
Similarity Laws of Hypersonic Flows
One-Dimensional Flows of a Gas Characterized by van der Waals Equation of State
Flow Conditions near the Intersection of a Shock Wave with Sorlid Boundary
Lower Buckling Load in the Non-Linear Buckling Theory for Thin Shells
Rockets and Other Thermal J ets Using Nuclear Energy
Engineering and Engineering Sciences
On Two-Dimensional Non-steady Motion of a Slender Body in a Compressible Fluid
Wind-Tunnel Testing Problems in Superaerodynamics
Airfoils in Slightly Supersonic Flow
Interaction between Parallel Streams of Subsonic and Supersonic Velocities
Research in Rocket and Jet Propulsion 
A Generalization Of Alfrey’S Theorem for Visco~elastic Media
Instruction and Research at the Daniel and Florence Guggenheim J et PropulsionCenter
Influence of Flame Front 0n the Flow Field
Optimum Thrust Programming for a Sounding Rocket
The Emission of Radiation from Diatomic Gases.III.Numerical Emissivity Calculations for Carbon Monoxide for Low Optical Densities at 300 K and
Atmospheric Pressure
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Sample pages of Collected Works of Hsue-Shen Tsien [1938-1956] (ISBN:9787313068309)

In the field of applied clasticity,one of the most perplexing problems is the prediction ofthe buckling load,or rather the failing load of a thin-walled structure with either simple ordouble curvature.Everyone who has contact with this subj ect wi l l notice the gap betweentheory and experimental results.The dmigner,however,has to proceed with his work regardless ofwhether or not the theory of elasticity can give him the correction solution of his problem.Hence,in this case he has tO resort to empirical relations determined by experimental methods.But such an empirical approach tO a complex subj ect without solid physical basis has its definitelimitations.Therefore,a correct picture of the interactions of the different factors which determinethe failing load and the mechanism of the failing process will be always useful to the designer. In this paper the authors do not present a new theory,but certain considerations whichthey believe bring out the crucial point of the subject.In Section I,a comparison is madebetween the buckling of one dimensional and tWO dimensional structures with and withoutcurvature.Section II contains a critical examination of the discrepancies between the classicalbuckling theory of cylindrical shells and the experimental evidence together with a descriptionof various investigations which have been made to reveal the true character of the mechanism offailure.In SectionⅢ,the buckling phenomena observed in the laboratory for differcntstructures are discussed from the point of view developed in the previous sections.
Collected Works of Hsue-Shen Tsien [1938-1956]