Sauntering Through Colorful Shanghai

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A trip to Shanghai is a memorable journey into everything that is
exotic, mysterious and thrilling about China.Welcome to Shanghai, where
the fascination never ends. And you're a dventure is just beginning.
Table of Contents
World Expo 2010 Shanghai China
An Overview of Shanghai
1. Local Citizens
2. Stylish Local Men
3. Chic Local Women
4. Shanghai Fashion
5. Shanghai' s Longtang Residence
6. Superior Zone and Inferior Zone
The Band
1. Waibaidu Bridge
2. Huangpu Park
3. Flood Prevention Wall
4. Bund Sightseeing Tunnel
5. Chen Yi Square
6. Time' s Waterfall Clock
7. Modern Sculptures on the Bund
8. Fascinating Buildings on the Bund
1) Meteorological Signal Tower
2) Asiatic Petroleum Building
3) Shanghai Club
4) HSBC Building
5) Jianghai Customs House
6) Peace Hotel
7) Bank of China Building
Suzhou Creek
Famous Streets
1. Nanjing Road
2. Huaihai Road
3. Duolun Road
4. Fuzhou Road
5. Xinhua Road
6. Maoming Road
7. Taikang Road
Yuyuan Garden
1. Shanghai Old City
2. City God Temple Fair
3. Shanghai Old Street
4. Chenxiangge Nunnery
People' s Square
1. People' s Mansion
2. Shanghai Museum
3. Shanghai Grand Theatre
4. Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
5. Shanghai Art Gallery
6. People's Park
7. Moore Memorial Church
Entertainment Centers and Museums
1. The Great World Amusement Center
2. Shanghai Oriental Art Center
3. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
4. Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
5. Shanghai Xintiandi (New Horizon)
6. Shanghai Children's Palace
7. Shanghai Insects Museum
8. Shanghai Botanical Garden
9. Shanghai Jinjiang Amusement Park
10. Guilin Park
Memorial Sites
1. The Site of the First National Congress of the CPC
2. The Site of the Second National Congress of the CPC
3. Soong Ching-ling's Former Residence and Mausoleum
4. Luxun's Former Residence, Memorial Hall and
5. Longhua Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery
1. Jade Buddha Temple
2. Longhua Temple
1) Longhua Temple Fair
2,) Ancient Bell Rings in New Year
3. Jing'an Temple
1) Eight Scenes
2) Paramount Ballroom
4. Wenmiao
5. Baohua Temple
1. Xujiahui Cathedral
2. Xu Guangqi's Park and His Tomb
3. Shanghai Library Bibliotheea Zi-Ka-Wei
Jiangwan Marshland
Minhang Sports Park
Qibao Town
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Shanghai Opera
Pudong New Area
1. Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone
2. Oriental Pearl TV Tower
3. Shanghai International Convention Center
4. Shanghai Museum of Urban Development History
5. Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine
6. Shanghai Bank Museum
7. Jinmao Tower
8. Shanghai World Financial Center
9. Century Park
10. Century Avenue
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Sample pages of Sauntering Through Colorful Shanghai (ISBN:9787313057938)
Shanghai is developing so rapidly that its urban map has to beupgraded every six months. One obvious phenomenon is that thegreen belts are getting increasingly larger. At the end of 2002, per-capita green areas reached seven square meters and the coverage rateamounted to 27 percent. Per-capita landscaped areas in Shanghai havegrown from newspaper-size to room-size, leading every large and me-dium-sized city in China. In early years of the 21st century, Shanghaiwon a "City Sustainable Development Contribution" award from theUnited Nations. Like other international metropolises, Shanghai isdensely populated, but has found ways to develop green areas. Exist-ing green areas are fully utilized. Intimidating brick walls enclosingsome public institutions have been demolished or replaced with rail-ings, to share the greenery within. As well, to their merit, nearly allthe Shanghai parks are free of charge to visitors. The city has takenon a new look.
Like many great cities, Shanghai has its own mother river ——the Huangpu, which has always nourished the people on its two banks. The Huangpu River, totaling 114 kilometers long, rises in the Taihu Lake, Jiangsu/Province and flows through the urban area of Shang- hai, and then empties into the mouth of the Yangtze River at the northeast Shanghai. Touring the river in a pleasure boat, you can en- joy the picturesque scenery along both the riversides, as you are transported between the city's past, present and future.
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Sauntering Through Colorful Shanghai