Readings of Chinese Culture Series Poetry Ⅳ

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Table of Contents
Song on Ascending the Youzhou Terrace
Random Lines on Home-Coming
Feelings on My State
Ascending the Stork Tower
Liang County Song
Spring Dawn
A Song on Listening to An Wanshan Playing the Bi-Li Pipe
Bidding Adieu to a Friend
Blue Runnel
Luanjia Rapids
Bamboo Grove Cabin
Bird-Chirping Hollow
Smallholders' Homes by the Wei Stream
Remembering My Brothers East of the Mountain on the Ninth Day of the Ninth Moon
Bidding Adieu to Yuan Junior in His Mission to Anxi (Song of the Town of Wei)
Far Departed
Difficult Is the Way to Shu —— A Pindaric Ode (The Poem in Triple-Syllabic Measures)
Difficult Is the Way to Shu —— A Pindaric Ode (The Prose Version)
Crows Croaking at Dusk
A Tune of Crows Roosting 'fore the Eve
Carouse, Please
The Lay of the Sun Arising and Sinking
Frontier Tunes
Plaint on Gem Steps
For Qing-Ping Tunes
Thoughts in a Still Night
Spring Thoughts
Ziye's Wu Song
Long Drawn Yearning
Chant over the Stream
River-Crossing Tune
Humming under the Moon atop the West Tower in Jinling City
Song of the Emei Mount Peaks Moon
To Wang Lun
Question and Answer in the Mounts
Ballad of Mount Lu, Sent to Lord Attendant Lu Xuzhou
A Song for Some Friends on a Dream Trip to Mount Tianmu
Parting Thoughts at a Jinling Tavern
Seeing Meng Haoran offto Guangling on the Yellow Crane Tower
Bidding Adieu to a Friend
Bidding Farewell with Feast to Decreed Editor Uncle Yun on Xie Tiao Tower in County Xuan
Holding Drink to Ask the Moon
Ascending the Phoenix Terrace of Jinling City
Sighting the Cataract of Mount Lu
Ascending Xie Tiao's North Tower at Xuancheng in Autumn
Embarking from Baidi Town at Early Morn
Looking Back to Olden Times in Yue
Drinking Alone under the Moon
Sitting in Repose Alone on Jingting HillA Visit to the Taoist Priest of Daitian Mount without Meeting HimSad, Sad Arbour
Moonlight on the Mount of Borderland Pass
Secluded Gorge Spring
Goodman, Cross Ye Not the River
Epistolet Inviting My Cousins to a Spring Night Banquet in the Garden of Peach Blossoms
Song of Farewell Sung in Jinling for Fan Xuan
Descending from Mount Zhongnan, Putting up at the Mountaineer Husi's Lodging and Being Entertained with Drinking
Yellow Crane Tower
Sighting the Great Mount Dai
Chief of Corps Fang's Steed of the Hurts
A Hawk Portrayed
The Rime of the War-Chariots
Song on the Eight Faeries in Drinking
The Lay of the Belles
The Lay of Meipi
A Moonlit Night
Spring Prospects
Qiang Village (Three Poems)
To the Eighth Wei Brother, the Anchorite
Xin'an Officer
The Shihao Officers
Tong Pass Officer
Parting after Nuptials
Parting during Declining Years
Parting sans a Home
The Beauty
Two Poems on Dreaming of Li Bai
For Li Bai
Longing for My Younger Brothers in a Moolight Night
Riverside Village
The Crazy Man
Arrival of a Guest
Glad at Raining in a Spring Night
Song on My Cottage Being Broken by Autumnal Blasts
A Quatrain on the Crimes of the Court Brigades
A Quatrain
Two Quatrains
Yu's Temple
Eight Octaves on Autumnal Musings
Pavilion Night
Ascending a Height
A Song on Watching Lady Gongsun's Disciple in Her "Rapier Thrusting and Fencing" Dance
Ascending Yueyang Tower
Chancellor of Shu
Facing Snowing
Thoughts During My Night Travel
Lines Written in the Desert
Night Mooring at Fengqiao Village
The Mountain Stream in the West of ChuzhouBorderland Tunes
The Wandering Son's SongIn the Capital's Southern Village
On the Rear Dhyana Hall of Po Shan Bonzary
Putting up at Wang Changling's Hermitage
The Lay of the Stone Drums
An Eulogium on a Humble Cell
Autumnal Song
Bamboo Twig Song
Black Coat Lane
Stone-Walled City
On Sighting the Mounts with the Bonze Haochu, Lines Written to My Kin and Friends in the Capital
Abiding by the Runlet
Snowing on the River
The Angler
A Call on the Recluse Who Is Just Out
Jiling Terrace
Mountain Trip
Lines in Bidding Adieu
The Clear-and-Bright Feast
Hearing Tartar Clarinet on the Border
Plaints from the Gemmed Harp
The Gladdening Upland
Lines Sent to the North Written During Night Rains
Villages Deserted after the March of Troops
Notes and Comments
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Readings of Chinese Culture Series Poetry Ⅳ