Readings of Chinese Culture Series: Academics I

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Table of Contents
Chapter One A Brief Introduction to The Complete Works ofZhu Xi
1.The Collected Works of Zhu Xi
2.The Classified Analects of Zhu Xi
3.The Complete Works of Zhu Xi

Chapter Two Zhu Xi's Personal Character
1.Aspiration for Being a Sage
2.A Practical Imperial Official
3.A Diligent Pursuer of Learning

Chapter Three Subjective Characteristics ofZhu Xi's Philosophy
1.The Combination of Principle and Material Force
2.Governance of Mind over Nature and Emotion
3.Knowing/Doing & Sincerity/Reverence

Chapter Four Synthesizer of the Song Dynasty Principlism
1.Communication with Cheng Yi through Minds
2.The Synthesized Principlist System ofZhu Xi
3.Development and Defense of Principlism through Correspondence

Chapter Five Inheritance of The Complete Works of Zhu Xi
1.The Inheritance of Zhu Xi's Principlism in the Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties and the Establishment of Its Dominance
2.The Consolidation of the Status of Zhu Xi's Doctrine in the Early Qing Dynasty
3.The Disputed Case of"Zhu Xi's Tendency towards the Mindology at His Last Years".
Readings of Chinese Culture Series: Academics I