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The Long March
ISBN: 9787510475030 | Published on 08/2022

The World Tells China Stories: Chinese Stories in Artifacts
ISBN: 9787510474729 | Published on 07/2022

China: A 5000-year Odyssey
ISBN: 9787510464195 | Published on 09/2017
China: A 5,000-Year Odyssey is written by a Chinese person who grew-up in China and both taught about, and conducted research on, Chinese...

The Footprints of a Super-large Civilization: The Resilience of China
ISBN: 9787510473791 | Published on 04/2022

China Through the Ages - from Confucius to Deng (Vol 1)
ISBN: 9787802285651 | Published on 01/2009 | Series: China Through the Ages - from Confucius to Deng
This book is in two volumes: Volume I focuses on China's past, from the beginning of Chinese civilization to the 1911 Revolution, mainly...
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Imperial Peking Illustrated(1598-1902)
ISBN: 9787802281288 | Published on 01/2008
Beijing was historically known as Peking. As the capital city for both the Ming and Qing dynasties, Peking witnessed both cultural exchanges and...

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