New HSK Simulated Tests (Level IV)

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Usage Advice: Ten sets of simulated tests, 1200 classified words for Level IV

Level: Intermediate

This book is written for the examinees and training classes taking new HSK Level IV and it is very distinctive among other new HSK guidance books. The ten sets of quality simulated tests are based on the outline of the new HSK Level IV and designed referring to the real questions with meticulous care. The words not prescribed by the outline have been carefully controlled so that the types and complexity of the questions are more like the real ones. The 1200 words prescribed for Level IV are 100% covered in this book and the answers are explained in Chinese and English. The 1200 words for the new HSK Level IV are classified in the appendix and marked by pinyin, parts of speech and English. It has the accompanying recording which can be used by students and tutorial classes to do various vocabulary exercises, such as consulting, learning by heart and dictation.
All the writers are teachers. Before publication, the simulated tests had been taken in the training classes and revised, resulting in a high pass rate.

About the Author
She is a Chinese teacher for foreigners at Shandong University. She has taught Chinese courses and HSK counseling courses for international students for many years and has published a number of Chinese textbooks.
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New HSK Simulated Tests (Level IV)