Model Tests for HSK Level 6

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Model Tests for HSK is written by senior teachers who have been teaching HSK for many years, with rich teaching experience and in-depth knowledge of HSK exam features. Each book contains 3-6 sets of HSK model tests and an MP3 disc which are suitable for both self-study and classroom teaching. The test structures, question types, degree of difficulty and the speech rate of recording are fully consistent with the HSK exam. It provides a highly targeted training with question types for each level to HSK candidates, because the degree of difficulty and the distribution of key test points are highly in accordance with the HSK Test Syllabus developed in 2015. The series can help candidates grasp exam tactics, improve their test-taking skills and increase their Chinese proficiency by providing detailed analyses of key test points for each model test.

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Sample pages of Model Tests for HSK Level 6 (ISBN:9787560098371)
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Model Tests for HSK Level 6