HSK Vocabulary Master (2nd Edition) Level 5

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HSK Vocabulary Master: Level 5 is a vocabulary book within the FLTRP HSK Class Series, designed to help learners systematically master all the vocabulary for HSK5 in a short period. This book covers 1300 words at Level 5, tailored to the exam question types, providing a comprehensive analysis and targeted training of level 5 vocabulary to ensure learners truly grasp the usage of the 1300 words. The example questions included are also from actual exam questions and the 2015 syllabus sample papers, enabling candidates to train purposefully before the exam. The book is intended as a 21-day breakthrough for mastering vocabulary for HSK level 5 (1300 words). With each day as a unit, students learn 65 words per day for the first 20 days, leading up to a total test on the last day. Each unit is divided into three parts: key vocabulary, vocabulary analysis, and unit self-test. The unit's key vocabulary primarily reminds international students to pay attention to some commonly used words that are more difficult and easy to use incorrectly; vocabulary analysis includes example sentences, collocations, associations, distinctions, antonyms, real test questions, or sample questions; each unit self-test includes several self-test questions; the 21st day consists of the total test questions (question types refer to HSK5 real test questions). In addition, the book provides answers to the self-test questions in each unit and answers to the total test questions on the 21st day. Furthermore, it includes a comparison table of level 5 words from the Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education and HSK5 vocabulary, convenient for learners to study correspondingly. With rich content, comprehensiveness, and strong pertinence and operability, this book can effectively help learners prepare for the HSK5 examination.
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HSK Vocabulary Master (2nd Edition) Level 5