Major-Country Diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics and the Belt and Road Initiative

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Table of Contents
Grasping the General Trend, and Keeping Pace with the Times
Building a New Type of International Relations with Mutually Beneficial Cooperation at the Core
The Strategic Belt and Road Irutiative
1.The Belt and Road Initiative is in keeping with the theme of our times.
2.The Belt and Road Initiative is based on the global situation.
3.The Belt and Road Iru.tiative takes into account, the actual circumstances of the world economy.
4.The Belt and Road Init/ative consists of public goods that China offers to the entire world.
5.The main builders of the Belt and Road are enterprises.
6.Mutually benefiacial cooperation must be upheld in our efforts to build the Belt and Road.
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In mid—October 2014, the Asia Soaety hosted a seminar entitled "Asia Rising and Our Shared Future" in the United States.Fu Ying, director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress, and I were both invited.At noon on October 13, the day before the opening of the seminar, Kissinger invited us to lunch.Talking about why he wrote the book World Order, Kissinger said: "Actually, I didn't want to write another book.But one day people came and asked me what worried me most when it came to the world situation.I thought for a moment, and that it was the world order.The world won't bestable without the establishment of a new world order.Based on my worries, I wrote that book." K/ssinger further stressed: "The United States and China are the two indispensable pillars of the world order.The two countries should sit down and talk about how to establish a world order forthe 21st century." He also mooted the idea of the US and China joindy building a Pacific Community, saying that "China is concerned that the US may try to contain it, while the US is concerned that Ciuna may drive it out of Asia.This concernabout each other is difficult to eliminate.So I think the best approach is for the two countries, to jointly bu.ild a Pacific Community.With expanded common interests and strengthened interdependence, the two countries will find their concerns gradually disappear." Kissinger personally attended the seminar on October 14, and introduced these views in his new book.
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Major-Country Diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics and the Belt and Road Initiative