On building a human community with a shared future

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Author: Xi Jinping;
Language: English
Page: 588
Publication Date: 04/2019
ISBN: 9787511735171
Table of Contents

Thinking Domestic and International: Strengthening the Foundation for Peaceful Development January 28, 2013--1

Following the Trends of Our Time and Promoting World Peace and Development March 23, 2013--6

Remaining Forever Reliable Friends and Sincere Partners March 25, 2013--15

Working Hand in Hand for Common Development March 27, 2013--25

Working Together for a Better Asian and Global Future April 7, 2013--30

Building a New Model of Major-Country Relations between China and the United States June 7, 2013--38

Jointly Maintaining and Developing an Open World Economy September 5, 2013--41

Working Together to Build the Silk Road Economic Belt September 7, 2013--46

Championing the Shanghai Spirit and Promoting Common Development September 13, 2013--51

Working Together to Build a 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road October 3, 2013--56

Giving Play to the Leading Role of the Asia Pacific, Maintaining and Advancing an Open World Economy October 7, 2013--61

Building a Firm Sense in the Asia Pacific of Our Being a Community with a Shared Future October 7, 2013--66

Promoting the Spirit of the Silk Road, Strengthening Sino-Arab ooperation June 5, 2014--125

Championing the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, Building a Better World through Win-Win Cooperation June 28, 2014--134

Deepening Cooperation, Reflecting Inclusiveness, and Conveying onfidence July, 2014--146

New Departure, New Vision, New Impetus July 15, 2014--149

Building a Community with a Shared Future for Common Progress July 17, 2014--154

All Countries Are Welcome aboard the Train of China’s Development August 22, 2014--160

With the Belt and Road as Wings, Soaring High with the Countries of South Asia September 18, 2014--165

China Will Always Be a True Friend to the People of Pacific Island Countries November 21, 2014 --202

China’s Diplomacy Must Befit Its Major Country Status November 28, 2014--206

Toward a Community with a Shared Future and a New Beginning for Asia March 28, 2015--211

Baking a Larger Pie of Interests and Making Sure Everyone Gets a Piece April 21, 2015--223

Carrying Forward the Bandung Spirit and Advancing Mutually Beneficial Cooperation April 22, 2015--226

Building a Community of Shared Interests for BRICS Countries July 9, 2015--234

Speech Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Chinese People’s Victory in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the World’s Victory against Fascism September 3, 2015--238

Speech at Welcome Dinner Hosted by the Government of Washington State and American Friendly Organizations September 22, 2015--243

Remarks at Arrival Ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House September 25, 2015--256

Toward a Mutually Beneficial Partnership for Sustainable Development September 26, 2015--258

Working Together to Forge a New Partnership of Mutually Beneficial Cooperation and Create a Human Community with a Shared Future

September 28, 2015--263

Championing Discussion and Collaboration for Shared Growth as a Principle of Global Governance October 12, 2015--270

Working Together to Eradicate Poverty and Promote Common Development October 16, 2015--273

Jointly Creating a Better Future of Peace and Prosperity for Asia through Dialogue and Consensus April 28, 2016--344

Promoting the Belt and Road Initiative to Extend Reform and Development April 29, 2016--350

Making Unremitting Efforts for a New Model of Major-Country Relations between China and the United States June 6, 2016--353

Jointly Building the China-Central Asia-West Asia Economic Corridor June 22, 2016--359

Creating a Brighter Future for China-Russia Relations June 25, 2016--364

Ensuring the Belt and Road Initiative Benefits All People August 17, 2016--369

A New Starting Point for China’s Development A New Blueprint for Global Growth September 3, 2016--373

From Paris to Hangzhou, the Fight against Climate Change is in Action September 3, 2016--387

Toward an Innovative, Invigorated, Interconnected, and Inclusive World Economy September 4, 2016--390

Improving Our Ability to Participate in Global Governance September 27, 2016--396

Strengthening Confidence and Seeking Common Development October 16, 2016--400

Enhanced Partnership toward Stronger Momentum for Growth November 19, 2016--405

Shouldering the Responsibilities of Our Age and Promoting Global Growth Together January 17, 2017--414

Working Together to Build a Human Community with a Shared Future January 18, 2017--427

There Are a Thousand Reasons to Build Positive China-US Relations April 6, 2017--441

Working Together to Advance the Belt and Road Initiative May 14, 2017--443

New Beginnings for Cooperation, New Impetus for Development May 15, 2017--455

Upholding Solidarity, Coordination, Openness, and Inclusiveness and Building a Common Home of Security, Stability, Development, and Prosperity June 9, 2017--460

Written Interview with Russian Media Organizations July 3, 2017--464

Working Together to Usher in a Second Golden Decade of BRICS Cooperation September 3, 2017--476

A Stronger BRICS Partnership for a Brighter Future September 4, 2017--488

Upholding Cooperation, Innovation, the Rule of Law, and Mutual Benefit and Working Together to Develop Global Security Governance

September 26, 2017--493

Following a Path of Peaceful Development and Working to Build a Human Community with a Shared Future October 18, 2017--502

Mutually Beneficial Cooperation between China and the US Is the Only Right Choice and the Only Pathway toward a Better Future

November 9, 2017--506

Seizing the Opportunity of a Global Economy in Transition to Accelerate Development of the Asia Pacific November 10, 2017--509

Working Together to Build a Better World December 1, 2017--519

Openness and Innovation: Toward Greater Prosperity and a Brighter Future April 10, 2018--529

Strengthening the Centralized, Unified Leadership of the Party Central Committee over Diplomatic Work and Making New Advances in ajor-Country diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics May 15, 2018--541

Carrying Forward the Shanghai Spirit to Build a Community with a Shared Future June 10, 2018--543

Using the Thought on Diplomacy for New-Era Socialism with Chinese Characteristics as a Guide to Create a New Landscape in Major-country diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics June 22, 2018--549


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On building a human community with a shared future