On building a human community with a shared future

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Thinking Domestic and International: Strengthening the Foundation for Peaceful Development January 28, 2013--1

Following the Trends of Our Time and Promoting World Peace and Development March 23, 2013--6

Remaining Forever Reliable Friends and Sincere Partners March 25, 2013--15

Working Hand in Hand for Common Development March 27, 2013--25

Working Together for a Better Asian and Global Future April 7, 2013--30

Building a New Model of Major-Country Relations between China and the United States June 7, 2013--38

Jointly Maintaining and Developing an Open World Economy September 5, 2013--41

Working Together to Build the Silk Road Economic Belt September 7, 2013--46

Championing the Shanghai Spirit and Promoting Common Development September 13, 2013--51

Working Together to Build a 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road October 3, 2013--56

Giving Play to the Leading Role of the Asia Pacific, Maintaining and Advancing an Open World Economy October 7, 2013--61

Building a Firm Sense in the Asia Pacific of Our Being a Community with a Shared Future October 7, 2013--66

Promoting the Spirit of the Silk Road, Strengthening Sino-Arab ooperation June 5, 2014--125

Championing the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, Building a Better World through Win-Win Cooperation June 28, 2014--134

Deepening Cooperation, Reflecting Inclusiveness, and Conveying onfidence July, 2014--146

New Departure, New Vision, New Impetus July 15, 2014--149

Building a Community with a Shared Future for Common Progress July 17, 2014--154

All Countries Are Welcome aboard the Train of China’s Development August 22, 2014--160

With the Belt and Road as Wings, Soaring High with the Countries of South Asia September 18, 2014--165

China Will Always Be a True Friend to the People of Pacific Island Countries November 21, 2014 --202

China’s Diplomacy Must Befit Its Major Country Status November 28, 2014--206

Toward a Community with a Shared Future and a New Beginning for Asia March 28, 2015--211

Baking a Larger Pie of Interests and Making Sure Everyone Gets a Piece April 21, 2015--223

Carrying Forward the Bandung Spirit and Advancing Mutually Beneficial Cooperation April 22, 2015--226

Building a Community of Shared Interests for BRICS Countries July 9, 2015--234

Speech Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Chinese People’s Victory in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the World’s Victory against Fascism September 3, 2015--238

Speech at Welcome Dinner Hosted by the Government of Washington State and American Friendly Organizations September 22, 2015--243

Remarks at Arrival Ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House September 25, 2015--256

Toward a Mutually Beneficial Partnership for Sustainable Development September 26, 2015--258

Working Together to Forge a New Partnership of Mutually Beneficial Cooperation and Create a Human Community with a Shared Future

September 28, 2015--263

Championing Discussion and Collaboration for Shared Growth as a Principle of Global Governance October 12, 2015--270

Working Together to Eradicate Poverty and Promote Common Development October 16, 2015--273

Jointly Creating a Better Future of Peace and Prosperity for Asia through Dialogue and Consensus April 28, 2016--344

Promoting the Belt and Road Initiative to Extend Reform and Development April 29, 2016--350

Making Unremitting Efforts for a New Model of Major-Country Relations between China and the United States June 6, 2016--353

Jointly Building the China-Central Asia-West Asia Economic Corridor June 22, 2016--359

Creating a Brighter Future for China-Russia Relations June 25, 2016--364

Ensuring the Belt and Road Initiative Benefits All People August 17, 2016--369

A New Starting Point for China’s Development A New Blueprint for Global Growth September 3, 2016--373

From Paris to Hangzhou, the Fight against Climate Change is in Action September 3, 2016--387

Toward an Innovative, Invigorated, Interconnected, and Inclusive World Economy September 4, 2016--390

Improving Our Ability to Participate in Global Governance September 27, 2016--396

Strengthening Confidence and Seeking Common Development October 16, 2016--400

Enhanced Partnership toward Stronger Momentum for Growth November 19, 2016--405

Shouldering the Responsibilities of Our Age and Promoting Global Growth Together January 17, 2017--414

Working Together to Build a Human Community with a Shared Future January 18, 2017--427

There Are a Thousand Reasons to Build Positive China-US Relations April 6, 2017--441

Working Together to Advance the Belt and Road Initiative May 14, 2017--443

New Beginnings for Cooperation, New Impetus for Development May 15, 2017--455

Upholding Solidarity, Coordination, Openness, and Inclusiveness and Building a Common Home of Security, Stability, Development, and Prosperity June 9, 2017--460

Written Interview with Russian Media Organizations July 3, 2017--464

Working Together to Usher in a Second Golden Decade of BRICS Cooperation September 3, 2017--476

A Stronger BRICS Partnership for a Brighter Future September 4, 2017--488

Upholding Cooperation, Innovation, the Rule of Law, and Mutual Benefit and Working Together to Develop Global Security Governance

September 26, 2017--493

Following a Path of Peaceful Development and Working to Build a Human Community with a Shared Future October 18, 2017--502

Mutually Beneficial Cooperation between China and the US Is the Only Right Choice and the Only Pathway toward a Better Future

November 9, 2017--506

Seizing the Opportunity of a Global Economy in Transition to Accelerate Development of the Asia Pacific November 10, 2017--509

Working Together to Build a Better World December 1, 2017--519

Openness and Innovation: Toward Greater Prosperity and a Brighter Future April 10, 2018--529

Strengthening the Centralized, Unified Leadership of the Party Central Committee over Diplomatic Work and Making New Advances in ajor-Country diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics May 15, 2018--541

Carrying Forward the Shanghai Spirit to Build a Community with a Shared Future June 10, 2018--543

Using the Thought on Diplomacy for New-Era Socialism with Chinese Characteristics as a Guide to Create a New Landscape in Major-country diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics June 22, 2018--549


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Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has upheld the belief that “all under Heaven are of one family” and has advocated the ideas of peace among all nations and harmony under Heaven. The Communist Party of China (CPC) regards making new and greater contributions to humanity as its abiding mission. Since the CPC’s 18th National Congress in November 2012, Xi Jinping has called for the building of a human community with a shared future. As General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the People’s Republic of China, and the highest military leader of China, Xi Jinping has put forward this concept from the perspective of humankind’s development throughout history. It is based on the profound changes in the international situation, on the trend of our times toward peace, development, cooperation, and mutual benefit, and on an in-depth reflection of the major questions concerning the future of humanity, namely what kind of world should we build and how should we build it.

The concept reflects the shared values of humankind — peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, and freedom; and it embodies the aspirations for peace, development, and prosperity, which represent the common interests of the people of all countries. In February 2017, the concept of building a community of shared future for mankind was written into a United Nations resolution for the first time. Later, it was also included in UN Security Council Resolution 2344 (2017) and the resolutions of the UN Human Rights Council’s 34th and 37th sessions.

This book is a collection of translations of 85 articles and speeches written by Xi Jinping since 2012. The purpose of the book is to help readers gain a clearer understanding of President Xi’s thinking on building a human community with a shared future. Notes and an index have been added to this English version.


The Institute of Party History and Literature of the Central Committee ofthe Communist Party ofChina

March 2019

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On building a human community with a shared future