Indigenous Ethnic Groups in Yunnan

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  • Author: Song Liyin;
  • Language: English, Chinese
  • Format: Papercover
  • Page: 334
  • Publication Date: 03/2007
  • ISBN: 7811122561,9787811122565
  • Publisher: Yunnan University Press
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The Banhong Event was a struggle against the British invasion bythe Wa people in Banhong region, Cangyuan, Yunnan. In 1927, theBritish army came to the area to explore mineral resources and to con-struct roads illegaUy. In January 1934, British army invaded the min-ing areas in armed forces. This evoked indignation among the local Wapeople. Hu Yushan, chief of Banhong region, called on neighboringtribes to gather in Banhong. Three Wa armies were formed to resist theBritish invaders. On February 8th, the Wa forces succeeded in bloc-king the British army at the Nanyi River. Three days later, the Britisharmy burned down over ten Wa villages and this roused even greaterindignation of the local nationalities. Voluntary forces were organizedto repulse British invaders in Banhong region. Later, the two sides re-sorted to negotiation for solution. As the event of epulsing British in-vaders was headed by the Wa people and took place in Banhong andnearby regions, it was called "the Banhong Event" .
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