HSK Vocabulary Workbook (Vocabulary of Level 4)

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Language: Chinese
Format: 17.2 x 10.8 x 1 cm
Page: 144
Publication Date: 12/2017
ISBN: 9787513596473
It is a self-study workbook of HSK vocabulary. In order to provide a rich and comprehensive learning guidance of vocabulary for readers, the book mainly includes the columns of Vocabulary Presentation which can provide the Pinyin and property of the words, Examination Questions and Example Sentences, which selects at least two example sentences from past exam papers to present each word, Common Matching of Words which also selects examples from past exam papers, Correcting Errors which selects the errors the examinees have made in exams to help students further understand the words, and Vocabulary Expansion which provides extended vocabulary on each item to increase the vocabulary of learners.
HSK Vocabulary Workbook (Vocabulary of Level 4)