History of China from Earliest Times to the Last Emperor

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Author: Michael Dillon;
Language: English
Format: 25.6 x 16.6 x 3.2 cm
Page: 497
Publication Date: 04/2017
ISBN: 9787500150701

This is a Chinese account of China, seen from the inside and presenting many of the stories behind historical events that are familiar to Chinese people from their scooldays but are little known even among foreign historians of China. It is a valuable complement to the standard histories of China available in English. ——Michael Dillon

Table of Contents
List of Illustrations
Name and Date Conventions Used in the Context
Chapter 1 Ancient Civilizations:Rule and Politics(c.8500–256BCE)
Chapter 2 An Emerging State:Society and Culture
Chapter 3 The Foundations of Philosophy and Schools of Thought
Chapter 4 Unification under the Qin Empire(221–206 BCE)
Chapter 5 The Rise and Fall of the Han Dynasty(220BCE–280CE)
Chapter 6 Scientific,Cultural and Philosophical Developments under the Han
Chapter 7 Disturbance and Stability:From the Three Kingdoms to a Hundred Years of Jin Rule(220–420CE)
Chapter 8 The Politics and Culture of the Southern and Northern Dynasties(420–589)
Chapter 9 The Sui Dynasty(581–618)
Chapter 10 The Golden Era of the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 11 Decline,Separation and Turbulence:The Decline of the Tang and Rule of the Song
Chapter 12 Co—existing Regimes:The Song,Liao,Xia,andJin
Chapter 13 The Enriching Legacy of the Tang and Song Dynasties
Chapter 14 Territorial Expansion and Cultural Flowerings:The Yuan Dynasty(1206–1368)
Chapter 15 Centralized Monarchy of the Ming Dynasty(1368–1644)
Chapter 16 Piracy,War and Rebellion:the Decline of the Ming and Rise of the Qing
Chapter 17 The Qing:Feudalism's Final Bow(1644–1911)
Chapter 18 Learning,Philosophical Thought and Culture under the Ming and Qing
Chapter 19 Wars and Rebellion:The Opium Wars,Boxer Rebellion and Foreign Powers
Chapter 20 Western In fluences,Reform and Death of the Qing
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History of China from Earliest Times to the Last Emperor