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Experiencing Chinese: Sports in China (40-50 Hours)
ISBN: 7040205466 | Published on 01/2006 | Series: Experiencing Chinese
Planned by the Office of Chinese Language Council International, the book is written especially for Chinese language beginners who are studying...

Expérimenter le chinois 100: La Vie Quotidienne (1CD)
ISBN: 7040208326, 9787040208320 | Published on 01/2007 | Series: Experiencing Chinese French
This book will help you live easily in China. It is divided into 14 different sections suchlike greetings, shopping, dinning, making a call,...
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Expérimenter le chinois: les études à Pétranger (1CD)
ISBN: 7040208351 | Published on 01/2007 | Series: Experiencing Chinese French
Based on the life of the students abroad, this book has selected 17 kinds of situations or settings possible in the life of the overseas students in...

People of Influnce
ISBN: 9787561148877 | Published on 06/2009

Travelling Around China With 300 Words (CD-ROM)
ISBN: 9787040183177 | Published on 10/2005
This handbook is compiled to provide basic dialogues regarding touring for tourists and foreign students in China. It is intended for the tourists or...

YCT Standard Course 3 - Activity Book
ISBN: 9787040486148 | Published on 11/2018 | Series: YCT Standard Course

A Panorama of Chinese Culture
ISBN: 9787040374773 | Published on 09/2013

Chengo Chinese: Instructor's Manual 1 (English and Chinese Edition)
ISBN: 7040182114 | Published on 07/2005 | Series: Chengo Chinese
《乘风汉语(教师用书1)》是外国来华留学生的汉语学习教师用书。《乘风汉语(教师用书1)》的内容包括两个部分,一是使用乘风汉语课件进行课堂 教学的总体说明,二是供教师参考的每集具体的教学安排。《乘风汉语(教师用书1)》首先从总体上简要介绍了乘风汉语课件的特点、设计思路和教师的作用等...

English-Chinese Translation for International Business (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9787040318203 | Published on 06/2011
Business English Translation - 2nd edition - (English - Chinese)

Experiencing Chinese Basic Course (Revised Edition) 3 Workbook
ISBN: 9787040557992 | Published on 03/2021 | Series: Experiencing Chinese Basic Course (Revised Edition)

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Founded in 1954, Higher Education Press (HEP), directly under the Ministry of Education, is a large-scale comprehensive publishing house, whose business covers different levels of education, such as science and technology, humanities, foreign languages, teaching Chinese as the foreign language, vocational and professional education, teacher training, exam preparation etc, which make HEP an important base of the R&D (research & development), production and sales of teaching materials in China. 
At present over 2,000 new titles and 5,000 reprint titles come out annually from HEP with the total sales volume of 110 million. HEP's Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language series draws on extensive experience and research in the field. Published in more than 10 languages, this publication's goal is to share Chinese language and culture with people across the globe. With editions that range in nature from long-term education to short-term training, from dictionary definitions to cultural explanations, the textbooks guide the user toward "experiencing Chinese, experiencing happiness, and experiencing Success."