Expérimenter le chinois 100: La Vie Quotidienne (1CD)

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This book will help you live easily in China. It is divided into 14 different sections suchlike greetings, shopping, dinning, making a call, transportation, etc. Under each topic, the sentences are practical and useful in many situations. The appendix includes Emergency Phone Number and Conversation Tables.
Table of Contents
目录 Contents
问候 Greetings
时间与安排 Time
购物 Shopping
就餐 Dining
家庭与工作 Family & Job
打电话 Making a call
交通与出行 Transportation
地点与方位 Directions
身体与感受 Health & Feelings
闲暇 Leisure
天气 Weather
家务 Housework
银行 Personal Banking
服务 Services
十二属相 12 Chinese Years of Animals
八大菜系 Eight Cuisines
常用计量单位换算表 Conversion Tables
紧急电话号码 Emergency Phone Numbers
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Expérimenter le chinois 100: La Vie Quotidienne (1CD)