Expérimenter le chinois: les études à Pétranger (1CD)

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Author: Chen Zuohong; Tian Yan;
Language: French
Format: 1 Book + 1 CD
Page: 206
Publication Date: 01/2007
ISBN: 7040208351
Publisher: Higher Education Publishing House
Series: Experiencing Chinese French
Based on the life of the students abroad, this book has selected 17 kinds of situations or settings possible in the life of the overseas students in China, resolving all difficulties that may arise. Every sentence is offered with helpful notes, providing convenient and practical knowledge for your life of studying in China.

Table of Contents
相识 Getting Acquainted
入学 Enrollment
问候/打招呼 Greetings
介绍 Introductions
学习 Studying
请求 Requests
感谢/道歉 Thanks/Apologies
时间/地点 Time & Place
就餐 Dining
购物 Shopping
乘车 Transportation
日常生活 Daily Life
邀约 Invitations
就医 Seeing the Doctor
上网 Surfing the Net
计划/打算 Making Plans
告别 Taking Your Leave
课堂用语 Classroom Vocabulary
十二属相 12 Chinese Years of Animals
常用计量单位换算表 Conversion Tables
Expérimenter le chinois: les études à Pétranger (1CD)