People of Influnce

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Author: Du Juan;
Language: Chinese, English
Format: Papercover
Publication Date: 06/2009
ISBN: 9787561148877
Publisher: Higher Education Publishing House
Table of Contents
Stephen Hawking: Knowing the Mind of God
Eric Demaine: A 20-year-old Professor at MIT
The Flight Path of the Wright Brothers'"
Wu Chien-hsiung: Overturning Sexual Barriers
And the Laws of Physics
Charles Robert Darwin
What Makes Beautiful Minds
Astronomer Edwin Hubble
Alan Turing: The Enigma
Robert. D. Ballard: Search for the Titanic
Eugenie Clark——the Shark Lady
A Natural Success
Nutritional Immunologist Jau-Fei Chen
The Man Flying First
Rosalyn Sussman Yalow: Winner of the Nobel Prize
in physiology and medicine
Luther Burbank——The Plant Wizard
Time to Understand Scientist
Ovid Tseng Gets the Basics Down
Father of Air Conditioning:Willis Haviland Carrier
Studying the Drowned Museum
Revealed: The Maths Genius of the Maginot Line
A Nobel Prize Winner Comes Home
The Emblem of Intellectual Power
Physicist Albert Einstein
Robert. T. Bakker: Tell you a true dinosaur
The Man Who Saw the Future
DNA Heroine to Be Honoured at Last
A Taiwanese Scientist on the International Stage
Wu Chung-hsiung
A Life Decoded——Craig Venter
Reach for the Stars
Working with Flies
Gorillas in the Mist
Two Times a Winner
Mathematician Grigory Perelman
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Sample pages of People of Influnce (ISBN:9787561148877)
Sample pages of People of Influnce (ISBN:9787561148877)
People of Influnce