Gems of Beijing Cultural Relics Series: Furniture

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Author: Hou Ming;
Publication Date: 01/2000
ISBN: 7200047120, 9787200047127
Table of Contents
中国古典家具之美 Beauty of Classical Chinese Fur-
明清家具的纹饰 Design of Furniture,Ming and
Qing Dynasties
辽金时期 The Periods ofLiaoandJin
1.柴木四出头椅 1.Chaimu square-corner chair
2.柴木四出头椅局部 2.Chaimu square-corner chair
——圆形卡子花 (detail)
3.柴木桌 3.Chaimu table
4.柴木桌局部——圆形 4.Chaimu table fdetaill
5.柴木靠背椅(一对) 5.Chaimu backrest chair(one pair)
6.柴木酒桌 6.Chaimu dinner table
明代 MingDynasty
7.黄花梨方凳(一对) 7.Huanghuali square stool(one pair)
8.**木南官帽椅 8.Xichimu south-styled official hat
(一对) chair(one pair)
9.黄花梨云头开光南官 9.Huanghuali south-styled official
帽椅(一对) hat chair with heap of shining clouds
(one pair)
10.黄花梨双套环玫瑰椅 10.Huanghuali double lantern ring
(一对) rose chair(one pair)
11.黄花梨四出头官帽椅 11.Huanghuali square·corner offi-
(一对) cial hat chair(one pair)
12.黄花梨圈椅(一对) 12.Huanghuali round-backed arm-
chair(one pair)
13.黄花梨圈椅局部 13.Huanghuali round—backed arm-
14.黄花梨如意云头交椅 14.Huanghuali armchair with Ruyi 
cloud heap
15.核桃木六方几 15.Hetaomu hexagonal tea table
16.黄花梨高束腰雕花吭桌 16.Huanghuali bed table of high
gi rdling d raped with Carved
17.黄花梨高束腰雕花炕 17.Huanghuali bed table of high gir-
桌局部——浮雕兽面纹 dling draped with carved flowers
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Gems of Beijing Cultural Relics Series: Furniture