Highlights of Auctioned Chinese Antiques: Chinese Classical Furniture

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Highlights of Auctioned Chinese Antiques (English edition) is divided into Jade Ware Volume, Porcelain Volume, Bronze Ware Volume, Chinese Classical Furniture Volume and Bamboo Wood Ivory and Horn Volume, which consists of Overview and Plate, and generally introduces the culture, collection together with investment trends for various antiques. Plate part handpicks more than 150 pictures of antiques with the highest strike price and exquisite pattern from tens of thousands of competitive products auctioned over the last 10 years and only one picture is on one side with vivid presentation. Also, appreciation description is added for easy appreciation and understanding of reader. These selected antiques are the best ones during market circulation besides museum cultural relics, and this time, are firstly collected and published to represent the highest level of folk collection antiques. The reader is for the high-end person who enjoys Chinese traditional culture and is interested in antique collection.
Table of Contents
Guide to the Use of This Series
Ⅰ.Bedsand Couches
Ⅱ. Chairs
Ⅲ. Tables and Cases
Ⅳ. Cabinets and Chests
Ⅴ. Stands
Ⅵ. Screens
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Highlights of Auctioned Chinese Antiques: Chinese Classical Furniture