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Chinese for English-Speakers: Advanced TextBook (With 1MP3)
ISBN: 9787309055016 | Published on 01/2008 | Series: Chinese for English-Speakers
This book is part of the series of Chinese for English-Speakers, which include three textbooks (Primary, Intermediate, Advanced), companioned by...

China: Enter The Word of Chinese Culture
ISBN: 9787309110906 | Published on 04/2015

China Overview: A Thematic Reader
ISBN: 9787309151794 | Published on 01/2021

China Overview
ISBN: 9787309151787 | Published on 01/2021

Challenges for Asia: Towards a Community of Common Destiny
ISBN: 9787309136180 | Published on 05/2018

An introduction to Chinese folk culture
ISBN: 9787309131161 | Published on 08/2017
An introduction to Chinese folk culture is divided into 10 chapters, containing name, traditional family, etiquette, traditional festivals, religious...

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