Challenges for Asia: Towards a Community of Common Destiny

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Table of Contents
The Fusion and Fission of Civilization: Asia and Beyond James V. Wertsch
The 21st Century Agenda of Modernisation: A Humanities Challenge Luiz Oosrerbeek
One Belt, One Road and Diversity of Civilizations: Solidarity and Collaboration, Conflicts and Resistance Leif Manger
The "16 1 Cooperation" under the "Belt and Road" Initiative Liu Zuokui
The G8-G20 Relationship in Global Development Governance John Kirton
Synchronization of Bilateralism and Multilateralism in East Asia: South Korea, Japan, and the East Asian Community, 1998-2002 Nam, Kijeong
The Prospects of President Duterte's Foreign Policy Agenda vis-à-vis China and the Future of ASEAN Henelito A. Sevilla, Jr.
How Does Policy Coherence Contribute to Diversity in Asia?: Implications from Dynamics between Women's Policy and S&T Policy in Korea Youngah Park, Joseph Kang, Yongjeong Kim
Beyond Trade and Investment -EU and China in Search for New Sources of Growth Guenter Heiduk
Between Unity and Differentiation: Europe's Experience with the Avant. garde Method of Integration Sebastian Plóciennik
Global Modernity and the ( Re) Construction of China's Alternative Modernity: A Cultural Perspective Wang Ning
7 Practical Steps for China to Become an Innovation.Led Economy Intellectual Property Rights Roundtable at Shanghai Forum 2016 David J. Kappos and David P. Willard
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The overall challenge,then, is to find ways through which analyses ofstructural, systemic forces can be combined with those of intentional actorsparticipating in life—worlds that, to important extents, are shaped by those systemicforces .At the same time it is important to realize that people are active agents,whose actions shape those forces.Hence, we are dealing with one version of theperpetual structure—agency problem through which, analytically, certain structuresare externalities within which people act; but, at the same time, those externalitieshave been shaped by people's intentionality.Culture and language are as importantin shaping our reality as is technology; however, there is no agreement on howsuch an analysis should be framed.
Challenges for Asia: Towards a Community of Common Destiny