Five Thousand Years of Chinese Nation

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This book is a magic wand that helps you understand Chinese history with ease, as well as a window providing a convenient view on China.

It tells nearly 100 well-known stories from remote antiquity to the Revolution of 1911 in time sequence and takes key historical events and figures as the main line. We have strived to present the social changes, wars and battles, and culture and art in a series of accurate, vivid and concise stories. The book is a historical documentary with varied extraordinary splendor rather than a heavy, dull academic work.
Table of Contents
Pangu Creates Heaven and Earth
Nuiwa Repairs the Heavens
Emperors Huangdi and Yandi
Yao Passes the Throne to Shun
Da Yu Conquers the Floods
The Fall of the Xia Dynasty
Pangeng Moves the Capital
King Wenwang Scouts for Talent
King Wuwang Topples the Shang Dynasty
Zhougong, a Loyal Aide
King Youwang Tricks Regional Lords
Duke Huangong Promotes a Former Enemy
Chong'er Ascends the Throne After 50 Years of Exile
King Zhuangwang: from Inactive Regent to Overlord
Strategist Sun Wu and The Art of War
King Goujian's Perseverance
Confucius, the Great Chinese Thinker
Shang Yang's Reforms of the State of Qin
Returning the jade Intact to Zhao
Jing Ke Attempts to Assassinate the King of Qin
The First Emperor
Constructing the Great Wall
Hongmen Banquet
The Destruction of Xiang Yu
Zhang Qian, Envoy to the Western Territory
Sima Qian, the Great Historiographer
Wang Mang the Usurper
The Peasants Revolt
Cai Lun's Improved Paper
Zhang Heng and His Earthquake Sensor
Hua Tuo the Medicine Man
How Cao Cao Begins His Political Career
The Battle of Guandu
Three Revered Visits
The Chibi Campaign
Sima Zhao's Ambitions
The Reunification
War of the Eight Princes
Coalition of the Royal Family and the Nobility
Wang Xizhi the Great Calligrapher
The Feishui Campaign
Tao Yuanming the Hermit
The Longest Canal in the Ancient World
Coup at Xuanwu Gate
Wei Zhent,a Free-Spoken and Brave Official,Remonstrating with the Emperor
Princess Wencheng
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Five Thousand Years of Chinese Nation