Early Writings of Zhou Enlai

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  • Language: English
  • Page: 179
  • Publication Date: 06/2015
  • ISBN: 9787510453427
  • Publisher: New World Press
Table of Contents
1 Thoughts on the Term-Beginning Ceremony
2 Declaration of the Establishment of the Association
3 Success in Life Depends on Diligence
4 A Spring Travel Note
5 On Unity Before Patriotism
6 Recalling the Past in Sheyang
7 Cherish Precious Time
8 On Reputation
9 On Ambition
10 Speech on the Second Meeting of the Tianjin Nation-Saving Foundation
11 Introduction to School Spirit
12 A Letter of Reply to the Enquiry of a Friend on the Progress of Learning
13 On the Modern Drama, One Silver Coin, on the 1 lth Anniversary of Nankai
14 Promoting Morality? Wealth? Or Both?
15 On Navies
16 On Hardship Regenerating a Nation
17 On the Annihilation of the Qin Dynasty by Chen She
18 On the Starvation ofBo Yi and Shu Qi on Mount Shouyang
19 On the Benefits of Newspapers
20 On Noble Thoughts People Shall Have
21 On Republicanism
22 On Narrating Affairs During Winter Vacation
23 On the Vainness of Enforcing Education
24 Concession or Competition?
25 On Sincerity Moving Living Creatures
26 A Letter to a Friend for Encouraging Him to Save the Country
27 On Modern Drama in Nankai
28 On Chinas Current Crisis
29 On Personality
30 Impressions of the Modern Drama A Momentary Slip at Our School
Early Writings of Zhou Enlai