Dreams in Rural China

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Table of Contents
Hesilu Village: Reshaping the True,the Good and the Beautiful of the Countryside
Peitian Village: Successor to 800 Years of Farming Culture Heritage
Guang Village: Inheritor of the Millennia—Long Traditional Legacy and Cultural Spirit of Chinese Calligraphy
Lingtou Village: An Artist's Revival of the Countryside
Yueshan Village: Farmers' Spring Festival Gala Displays Thousand—Year Culture
Pu—Han Community: The Beautiful Home We Have Built for Ourselves
Duowangsong Cooperative: Ecological Agriculture and Cultural Revival in a Miao Village
Nantang Village: Farmers' Smile and Dignity From the Thirteen Rules
Bishan Commune: The Artists' Utopian Experiment to Revive the Countryside
Haotang Village: Keep the Original Flavor Of the Village
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After returning from Hebei,he began teaching part—time at the Agricultural and Technological School run by the Pu—Han Community,and formally joined it in 2008.Later,he was eleaed headmaster of the school.
The courses at the Agricultural and Technological School were very practical.There were nine: the management personnel class,the counselor class,the general technology class,the professional class,the life and etiquette class,the clever head and deft hands class,the roly—poly class,the children's interest—oriented class and the broker and agent class.The management personnel class was intended for middle—class managers of the community.The lessons were about the theory and practice of organization and management,and training of ability to coordinate.The counselor class was about counselors' work skills,including techniques and the matters needing attention as regards communicating with villagers and collecting and conveying information.The general technology class and professional class were about giving instruction to and correcting villagers according to how well crops were growing and any problems in that connection as well as teaching advanced farming technology.The life and etiquette class was about traditional culture and etiquette,including childbirth customs when the baby is one month old,and also marriage customs and funerary rituals.
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Dreams in Rural China