Study on Rural Development in China and Abroad

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Table of Contents
1 Rural Development in China
1.1 Achievements of Rural Revitalization in China
1.1.1 Overall Victory Achieved in the Fight Against Poverty
1.1.2 Steady Improvement of Comprehensive Agricultural Production Capacity
1.1.3 Improved Rural Landscape and Living Environment
1.1.4 In-Depth Rural Reform
1.2 Strategic Plan for Rural Revitalization During the Fourteenth Five Year Plan
1.2.1 Strategic Orientation
1.2.2 To Improve the Supply Security Level of Grain and Other Important Agricultural Products
1.2.3 To Improve Agricultural Quality by Promoting Innovation-driven Development
1.2.4 To Build a Livable Village by Strengthening the Construction of Rural Ecological Civilization
1.2.5 To Consolidate and Expand the Achievements of Poverty pidog tra Alleviation
1.2.6 To Deepen Agricultural and Rural Reform
1.2.7 To Ensure the Smooth Implementation of the Plan
2 Rural Development in the United States
2.1 The Course of Rural Development in the United States
2.1.1 The Initial Stage: Before the 1930s
2.1.2 The Second Stage: From the 1930s to the 1960s
2.1.3 The Third Stage: From the 1970s to the 1980s
2.1.4 The Fourth Stage: From the 1990s to Present
2.2 American Rural Development Strategies
2.2.1 Policies and Legal Support
2.2.2 Large-scale Agricultural Production and Technological Support for Agriculture
2.2.3 Sustainable Environmental Development
2.2.4 Rational Regional Planning
2.3 Achievements of Rural Development in the United States
2.3.1 Highly Developed Agricultural Industry
2.3.2 Diversified Rural Industries
2.3.3 Favorable Living Conditions
3 Rural Development in European Union Countries
3.1 The Course of Rural Development in Europe
3.1.1 1950-1969 Implementation of European Common Agricultural Policy
3.1.21 9701999 Integrated and Endogenous Rural Development
3.1.3 2000 2012 Common Development of Rural Area and Agriculture
3.1.4 2013 2020 Green and High-Quality Development
3.1.5 After 2023 Outlook for Agricultural and Rural Development in the EU
3.2 European Rural Development Strategies
3.2.1 The Operating Mechanism of EU Common Agricultural Policy
3.2.2 Competition Oriented Diversified Economic Development Policy of the Rural Area
3.2.3 A Bottom-up and Multi-level Rural Governance Model
3.2.4 Charm Oriented Rural Community Development Policy
3.2.5 Green and Low-carbon Environmental Protection Policy
3.2.6 Sustainability Oriented Talent Support Strategy
3.3 Achievements of European Rural Development
3.3.1 General Achievements
3.3.2 Examples of Representative National Development Achievements
4 Rural Development in Japan
4.1 The Course of Rural Development in Japan
4.1.1 The First Stage: 1946-1960
4.1.2 The Second Stage: 1961-1975
4.1.3 The Third Stage: After
4.2 Japanese Rural Development Strategy
4.2.1 Cultivating Modermn Family Agricultural Business Model
4.2.2 Developing Subsidized Agriculture and Encouraging Farmers to Engage in Agriculture
4.2.3 Promoting Urban-rural Exchanges and Enhancing Rural Development Vitality Through Urban-rural Integration and Rural Industry Integration
4.2.4 Utilizing External Forces to Develop Rural Culture and Resources and Revitalize the Countryside
4.2.5 Taking Talent Revitalization as an Important Starting Point to Build a Solid Foundation for Sustainable Rural Revitalization
4.2.6 Improvement of Rural Residential Environment
4.3 Achievements of Rural Development in Japan
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Study on Rural Development in China and Abroad