Sound Mandarin for English Speakers

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The book Sound Mandarin for English Speakers is designed for nonnative beginners to study Chinese through mastering pinyin so as to enable them to communicate in Chinese in a short period of time. The book consists of 20 units, with a brief introduction to the pinyin system of Mandarin before the first unit. A vocabulary index, grammar outline, keys and audio scripts for exercises are also included in the book. These materials will help the learners pronounce and construct basic sentences.

At the end of the book, there is a mini-dictionary providing a large amount of frequently-used vocabularies used in daily life. The book is not only for learners in class, but also ideal for self-study.

About the Author
Liu Huaixi and Han Chusen, formerly retired from Beijing Normal University,are now living in New Zealand and are engaged in Chinese teaching forforeign students. The two teachers have been teaching Chinese as a foreignlanguage for many years and have rich teaching experience. In particular,they have a deep understanding and accurate grasp of the learningcharacteristics of Chinese learners whose native language is English.

Editor's Recommendation
Sound Mandarin for English Speakers encourages non-native beginners to develop communicative competence within a short period of time through mastering Chinese Pinyin system. The book is ideal not only for learners in class, but also for self-learners.* Chinese Pinyin system: The use of Chinese Pinyin is primary, and the use of Chinese characters is secondary, which especially meets the learning habits of Western learners.* Comparisons of two languages: Comparisons concisely and clearly give learners a better understanding of the structural differences between Chinese and English.* Enjoyable and effective exercises: Tasks and exercises are interesting and close to everyday use, which can stimulate learners’ interest and initiative in learning Chinese.*Linking language with culture: The book integrates culture with language throughout the whole learning process. Chinese spirits combining ancient and modern life are demonstrated vividly.*Supplemental learning materials: A mini-dictionary provides a collection of necessary words for living and traveling in China, including clothing, eating, living and going out. An MP3 with the book is to help learners to improve speaking and listening skills.

Table of Contents

拼音 Pinyin system of Mandarin
1.您贵姓? What’s your surname?
2.你是哪国人? What’s your nationality?
3.你有弟弟吗? Have you got any younger brothers?
4.这是谁的书房? Whose study is this?
5.电话号码是多少? What’s the telephone number?
6.在朋友家 At my friend’s home
7.小王的卧室 Xiao Wang’s bedroom
8.小王的一天 One day of Xiao Wang
9.祝你生日快乐! Happy birthday to you!
10.怎么走? How can I get there?
11.你能教我吗? Can you teach me?
12.在银行 At the bank
13.多少钱一斤? How much is it for half a kilo?
14.在服装店 In a clothing shop
15.一路平安! Have a safe trip!
16.你去过中国吗? Have you been to China?
17.今天天气怎么样? What’s the weather like today?
18.锻炼身体 Do exercise
19.请慢用! Take your time to enjoy the meal please!
20.看医生 See a doctor
词语索引 Vocabulary index
语法 Grammar outline
练习答案和听力文本 Keys and audio scripts of exercises
小词典 Mini-dictionary
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Sound Mandarin for English Speakers (ISBN:7513530785, 9787513530781)
Sample pages of Sound Mandarin for English Speakers (ISBN:7513530785, 9787513530781)
Sample pages of Sound Mandarin for English Speakers (ISBN:7513530785, 9787513530781)
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