English Chinese Pinyin Dictionary

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  • Language: Chinese, English
  • Page: 1726
  • Publication Date: 02/1998
  • ISBN: 9787800053832
  • Publisher: New World Press
The dictionary is specially compiled for English learners of Chinese as a foreign or second language. It contains more than 23,000 entries commonly used in modern speech and communication. Entries are based on every day speech, with special emphasis on collocations and sentence usage. All Chinese characters are followed by Chinese pinyin phonetics. This dictionary is a revised and expanded edition of 'The E-C Pinyin Pocket Dictionary' (1988), which has been well received both at home and abroad. Some compilers of the former Pocket Dictionary have taken part in the compilation of this revised edition.
Table of Contents
Guide to the Use of the Dictionary 
The Dictionary 
1. Scheme for the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet 
2. Chinese (Standard Modern Chinese Language)Speech Sounds
3. A Comparative Chart of the International Phonetic 
Alphabet and the Chinese Pinyin Alphabet 
4. Table of Measure Words 
5. Chinese Provinces, Autonomous Regions and Muni- 
cipalities Directly Under the Central Government 
and Seats of Their People's Governments 
6. Nations (in short form) and Their Capitals 
7. Parallel Table of Simplified and Unsimplified 
8. Chronological Table of Chinese Dynasties
Sample Pages Preview

decimally ad.用十进法yòng shijinfǎ;用小数形式yòng xiǎoshù xingshi 
decimate v.1.毁灭…的大部分huimiè…de dàbùfen:Famine~d the population.饥饿使大批人死亡。Jiè shi dàpirèn siwáng.2.从十个…中抽一cóng shige…zhōng chōu yi 
decimetre,decimeter n.分米fēnmi 
decimillimetre,decimillimeter n.丝米simi 
decipher v.译解(密码等)yijiě(mimǎ děng)=translate from code;辨认biànrèn=make out the meaning of n.密电的译文midiande yiwén 
decision n.1.决定juéding=act of deciding 2.判决panjué=judg—ment;果断guǒduàn=firmness of character:a man of~果断的人 
guǒduànde rén 
decisive a.1.决定性的juédingxingde=conclusive:a~battle决战juézhan 2.果断的guǒduànde=resolute:~measures断然的措施duànránde cuòshi 3.明确的mingquède—unquestionable:~evidence 确证quèzhènq 
decivilize,decivilise v.使陷入野蛮状态shi xiànrù yěmán zhuàngtài;使丧失文明shi sàngshi wénming.
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