China Rural Revitalization Development Report 2020

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Table of Contents
Part 1 General Introduction
Chapter 1 Implementing the Rural Revitalization Strategy
1. Putting forward the Rural Revitalization Strategy
2. General arrangements of the Rural Revitalization Strategy
3. Implementation and achievements of the Rural Revitalization Strategy since the 19th CPC National Congress
4. New circumstances and new tasks for implementing the rural revitalization strategy during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period
Part 2 Development
Chapter 2 Industrial Revitalization
1. Overview of industrial revitalization
2. Ensuring supply of grain and important agricultural products
3. Implementing the strategy of boosting agriculture through high-quality development
4. Enlarge agricultural opening-up
5.Strengthen the construction of agricultural infrastructure
6. Promote scientific and technological progress in agriculture
Chapter 3 Ecological Revitalization
1. Overview of ecological revitalization
2.Promote green agriculture development
3.Continuously improve rural living environment
Chapter 4 Cultural Revitalization
1.General situation of rural culture revitalization
2.Strengthen ideological and moral construction in rural areas
3.Carry forward excellent traditional culture
Chapter 5 Talents Revitalization
1. Overall situation of talents revitalization
2. Cultivating talents of agricultural production and management
3. Strengthen the construction of professional service talents tea m in rural areas
4. Strengthen the construction of rural governance talent team
Chapter 6 Organization Revitalization
1.General overview of rural organization revitalization
2. Strengthening the construction of rural grassroots party organizations
3. Improve the rural governance system combining self-governance,rule of law, and rule of morality
Chapter 7 Rural Residents' Income and Consumption
1. Overall income of rural residents
2. Characteristics of income growth of rural residents in 2019
3. The income gap of rural residents
4.The consumption level of rural residents increased rapidly
Chapter 8 Rural Labor Employment and Entrepreneurship
1. Improve rural labor transfer employment policy
2. The employment structure of village labor forces sees new changes
Chapter 9 Rural Public Services
1.Strengthen rural infrastructure construction
2. Promote the development of rural social programs
Chapter 10 Digital Countryside Development
1. Rural information infrastructure development
2. Agricultural and rural big data
3. Digitization of agricultural production management
4. The new rural digital economy
Chapter 11 Reform of the Rural Land System
1. Stabiliz rural land contracts relations
2. Carry out the registration and certification of contracted land in rural areas
3. Improved the management system of rural residential lands
4. Promote rural land expropriation, market entry of collective business construction land and reform of the residential land system
Chapter 12 Reform of the Rural Collective Property Rights System
1.Comprehensively carry out the inventory verification of rural collective assets
2.Steadily promote the reform of the shareholding and cooperative system for collective business assets
3. Explore effective forms of realization of the rural collective economy
4. Improve the supporting legal policies for the reform of collective property rights system
Chapter 13 Reform of the Agricultural Business System
1. Cultivate new agricultural business entities
2. Regulating the transfer of rural land management rights
3. Vigorously develop agricultural socialization services
Chapter 14 Improve the Agricultural Support and Protection System
1. Strengthen financial priority protection system for agriculture
2. Deepening rural financial reform
3. Improvin
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China Rural Revitalization Development Report 2020