Contemporary China Series: Contemporary Chinese Culture

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Table of Contents
Contemporary Chinese Culture 
Development and Reform 
Structuring of the New China Cultural Undertakings 
Achievements in Cultural Development in Early Days of New China 
Rapid Development of Culture Since Reform and Opening-Up 
The Path to Strengthen China Through Cultural Development in the New Century 
Ideology Construction 
How Marxism Became the Leading Ideology 
Marxism Guidance and Cultural Diversity 
The Proposition of Socialist Core Values 
Cultivating and Practicing Socialist Core Values 
Literature & Art Flourish Together 
Literary Creation Is in Full Swing, Network Literature Develops Rapidly 
Growing Film Appeal in China 
New Works in Stage Art Continuously Released 
Cultural Construction 
The Construction of the Basic Framework of a Public Cultural Service System 
Cultural Relic and Heritage Protection 
Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection 
Development of the Cultural Industry 
Initial Framework of the Cultural Market System 
Booming Development of the Cultural Industry 
The Difficulties and Potential of the Cultural Industry Development 
Giving High Priority to Developing Education 
Building a Modern Education System 
Achieving Free and Compulsory Education in Both Urban and Rural Areas 
Improving Fairness in Education 
Rapid Development of Vocational Education 
Popularization of Higher Education 
Achieving a Leap-Forward Development of Ethnic Group Education 
Improvement of International Communication and Cooperation in Education 
Development and Innovation of Science and Technology, Philosophy and Social Sciences 
Enhancement of National Technology Innovation 
New Breakthrough of Science and Technology 
Development of Science and Technology as a Strong Support of China's Economy and Society 
Prosperity and Development of Philosophy and Social Sciences 
A Sound and Orderly Development of Religious Culture 
Respect the Freedom of Religious Belief 
The Positive Role of Religions in Promoting Social Harmony 
Religious Cultural Situation in Tibet 
International Influence of Chinese Culture 
The Presentation of Chinese Culture's 'Going Global' Strategy 
Enriching Carriers for Cultural Exchanges 
Increasing China Media's Ability to Spread to Overseas 
Falling Cultural Trade Deficit 
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Chinese culture played the leading cultural role around the world for the greater part of world history. For now, how to successfully convert to a modern form from the classical form, how to realize the Chinese cultural in heritage and innovation, and how to present a brand-new style and features of the times have become big issues for the Chinese people to resolve. The Chinese dream is a personal development dream for every individual, providing more equal conditions and opportunities for personal fulfillment, of which the ultimate goal is to finally realize the free and comprehensive development for humanbeings and benefit every individual, the country and the whole nation. The Chinese dream is the dream of the contemporary Chinese social development andd progress, which vividly summarizes the people's pursuit since modern timess and directly expresses China's development goals in the 21th century. 
The Chinese dream caused heated debate around the world. There was an article in the American magazine News Week stating that the Chinese dream will exert a profound influence and will definitely revive the Chinese glorious history". A foreign observer keenly noted that this is "a goal that can arouse resonance among people", and this dream reflects the CPC's "strong sense of responsibility towards Chinese nation.
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Contemporary China Series: Contemporary Chinese Culture