Contemporary China Series: Communist Party of China and the Contemporary China

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Author: Yang Deshan;
Language: English
Page: 212
Publication Date: 06/2014
ISBN: 9787508527888
Publisher: China Intercontinental Press
Series: Contemporary China
Table of Contents
The Communist Party of China and Contemporary China
Make Scientific Judgment on World Situation and National Conditions.Strive for National Rejuvenation
Lead Modernization Construction,Enhance People’s Living Standard
Promote Political Civilization,Ensure People to Be Their Own Masters
Boost Culture Development.Enrich People’s Inner World
Improve Social Administration,Construct a Harmonious Society
Preserve Natural Ecology,Build Beautiful China
Party Member
The Scale and Structure of the Party Member Group
Standard and Procedure for Membership
Education and Management of Party Members
Party Cadres
Selection Principles and Overall Policies
Strict Selection and Reasonable Appointment
Classified Management and Scientific Assessment
Training in Practice
Organizational System
Organizational Principle
Primary Organizations
Local Organizations of the Party
Central Organizations of the Party
Leadership Style and Governance
Assume a Dominant Role.Co-ordinate Different Parties
Governance for and by the People
Scientific.Democratic and Legal Governance
General Setup for the Construction of the Party
Pay Attention to Theoretical Innovation and Be Armed with Theory
Set Up and Improve the Party’S Institutional System
Continuously Improve the Party’S Style of Work
Strictly Combat Corruption
Contemporary China Series: Communist Party of China and the Contemporary China