Chinese Sculpting: History Through Centuries of Sculpting

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As the essence of cultural spirit and the records of social life in different periods, the Chinese sculpture vividly depicts the Chinese history. This book follows the historical development of Chinese sculpture, selects representative works in various historical phases, and presents the unique charm of Chinese sculpture to the readers. This book not only pays attention to the formats, techniques and genres of particular sculpture works, but also emphasizes on the cultural connotation behind the genres.

Chinese sculptural arts have gradually developed their own style over time and managed to display aesthetic features and cultural concepts unique to ancient China. The development of Chinese sculpture parallels the history of the ancient Chinese culture and aesthetics. It is a visible witness to the cultural fusion and exchanges between the Hans and other ethic groups as well as between the Chinese and foreign cultures.

About Author
Zhao Wenbing, born in 1975 in Changchun, Jilin Province, is doctoral candidate of the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University tutored by Prof. Zhang Fuye. She graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and Design in 1999 and worked as a teacher in the Art Theory Department of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in the same year. She obtained the MA from the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University in 2006. Since July 2006, Zhao has worked as the part-time editor and column director of the magazine Arts and Design. She has many dissertations public she don the core periodicals of arts and design.
Table of Contents
Beginnings of Chinese Sculpture 
Pottery sculptures in primitive times 
Jade sculptures in primitive times 
Ferocious Beauty of the Central Plains Civilization 
Shang——Magnificent ferocity 
Western Zhou——Simple dignity 
The Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States 
Period——Slim and graceful luxury 
The Mysterious Culture of the Ancient Shu 
Sanxingdui culture 
Standing bronze figure with multiple identities 
Suspected alien bronze heads 
Large bronze masks with vertical eyes and straight ears 
Emperor Qin Shihuangs "Underground Army" 
What are tomb figures? 
Excavation of Qin terra-cotta warriors and horses 
Shape of Qin terra-cotta warriors and horses 
Terra-cotta horses and bronze chariots and horses Chinese realism 
Magnificent Stone Carvings from the Han Dynasty 
Large stone carvings 
The tomb of Huo Qubing 
Horse Stepping on a Xiongnu Soldier 
Making a tomb Qilian Mountain 
Artlessness behind handiness 
Skillful but not exquisite 
Carved stone animals in the Eastern Han Dynasty 
Introduction of Buddhism and the Blending of Cultures 
Mogao Grotto images 
Maijishan Grotto images 
Yungang Grotto images 
Longmen Grotto images 
The Dignity of "the Kingdom of Heaven" 
Guard beast figures in the Wei, ]in, Northern and Southern Dynasties 
Emperor stone carvings in the Tang Dynasty 
Pottery figures in the Tang Dynasty tombs 
Integration of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism 
Painted sculptures at Jinci Temple 
Buddhist statue at Qinglian Temple 
Dazu rock carvings 
"Colorful" sculptures from the Ming and Qing dynasties 
Ming-style painted sculptures at Shuanglin Temple 
Statues of 500 Arhats at Qiongzhu Temple 
Gorgeous Residences 
Qin tile carvings and Han eaves-tile ornaments 
Relief sculptures on Que from the Eastern Han Dynasty 
Ornamental architectural sculptures of the Sui and Tang dynasties 
Stone architectural sculptures of the Yuan Dynasty 
Architectural sculptures of the Ming and Qing dynasties 
Delight of Folk Art 
Qiaoer "Muhura" 
Playing toys——Big Afu 
Hand-made figures based on traditional Chinese operas and Clay Figurine Zhang 
Sculptural Style in the New Era 
1911-1949: Western style gradually played a role in the 
turbulent eastern world 
1949-1979: From revolutionary passion to formula-style art 
From 1980-the early 21st century: Conceptual sculptural art showing public awareness 
Appendix: Chronological Table of the Chinese Dynasties
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Sample pages of Chinese Sculpting: History Through Centuries of Sculpting (ISBN:9787508513270) Sample pages of Chinese Sculpting: History Through Centuries of Sculpting (ISBN:9787508513270) Sample pages of Chinese Sculpting: History Through Centuries of Sculpting (ISBN:9787508513270)
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