Chinese Classics: Instruction Stories to Enlighten the World

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Language: English
Format: 21 x 13.2 x 2 cm
Page: 208
Publication Date: 03/2017
ISBN: 9787508535296
San Yan refers to the three short story collections of the Ming Dynasty written by Feng Menglong: Instruction Stories to Enlighten the World, Stories Enlightening the World, and Stories to Awaken the World. The three books consist altogether of 120 pieces with each composed of 40. Rich in content, San Yan deals with almost every aspect of the social life of the time and reflects the characteristics of the era which witnessed the decline of the feudal lord class and the gradual rise of the townsfolk stratum. San Yan represents the summit of ancient short story writing in vernacular Chinese.

This book is edited and translated by the famous translator Wang Guozhen, to introduce Instruction Stories to Enlighten the World to the foreign readers.
Table of Contents
Story 1
Story of Jiang Xingge Related to His Pearl Shirt
Story 2
Censor Chen Solves the Case of the Gold Hairpins and Brooches
Story 3
Han the Fifth Sells Her Charms
Story 4
Ruan San Redeems His Debt in Nunnery
Story 5
Poverty-stricken Ma Enjoys Luck Brought about by Pancakes Woman
Story 6
Lord Ge Gives Away Pearl Maiden
Story 7
Yang Jiao’ai Lays Down His Life for Friendship
Story 8
Wu Bao’an Does Everything for His Friend
Story 9
Duke Pei Returns a Concubine to Her Rightful Husband
Story 10
Magistrate Teng Settles a Family Inheritance Case with Ghostly Cleverness
Story 11
Zhao Xu Meets Emperor Renzong in a Teahouse
Story 12
Liu the Seventh’s Death Mourned by All Courtesans
Story 13
Zhang Daoling Tests Zhao Sheng Seven Times
Story 14
Chen Xiyi Rejects Appointments from the Imperial Court
Story 15
Foot Soldier Shi Hongzhao and the King
Story 16
Friends in the Same Boat
Story 17
Shan Fulang’s Happy Marriage in Quanzhou
Story 18
Yang Balao’s Family Reunion in the Land of Yue
Story 19
Yang Qianzhi Meets a Monk Knight-Errant in a Boat
Story 20
Chen Congshan Loses His Wife
Story 21
Qian Poliu Gets Rich in Lin’an
Story 22
Zheng Huchen Seeks Revenge in Mumian Temple
Story 23
Zhang Shunmei Meets a Beauty during the Lantern Festival
Story 24
Yang Siwen Meets an Old Friend in Yanshan
Story 25
Yan Pingzhong Uses Two Peaches to Kill Three Men
Story 26
Shen Xiu Causes Deaths with One Bird
Story 27
Jin Yunu Beats the Heartless Man
Story 28
Li Xiuqing Marries Virgin Huang with Honor
Story 29
Monk Moon Bright Expiates Willow Green
Story 30
Abbot Mingwu Assists Dongpo to Be Arhat
Story 31
Sima Mao Sits in Judgment in the Underworld
Story 32
Humu Di Visits the Netherworld
Story 33
Old Melon Grower Marries Young Woman
Story 34
Li Saves the Life of Snake and Wins Chenxin
Story 35
Monk with a Note Tricks Huangfu’s Wife
Story 36
Song Torments Tightwad Zhang
Story 37
Liang Emperor Wudi Goes to the Land of Extreme Bliss
Story 38
Filial Son Ren Becomes a God
Story 39
Wang Xinzhi Saves the Entire Family at the Expense of His Life
Story 40
Shen Xiaoxia Encounters the Expedition Memorials
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Chinese Classics: Instruction Stories to Enlighten the World