Chinese Classics: Stories Enlightening the World

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San Yan refers to the three short story collections of the Ming Dynasty written by Feng Menglong: Instruction Stories to Enlighten the World, Stories Enlightening the World, and Stories to Awaken the World. The three books consist altogether of 120 pieces with each composed of 40. Rich in content, San Yan deals with almost every aspect of the social life of the time and reflects the characteristics of the era which witnessed the decline of the feudal lord class and the gradual rise of the townsfolk stratum. San Yan represents the summit of ancient short story writing in vernacular Chinese.

This book is edited and translated by the famous translator Wang Guozhen, to introduce Stories Enlightening the World the World to the foreign readers.

Table of Contents
Story 1
Yu Boya Smashes His Zither because of His loss of Good Friend
Story 2
Zhuang Zhou Succeeds in Attainment of the Great Dao in Dream
Story 3
Wang Anshi Baffles Academician Su Three Times
Story 4
Stubborn One Dies of Grief Half Way Up a Mountain
Story 5
Lu Yu Repays Family Debt and Brings about Family Reunion
Story 6
Yu Liang’s Poems Win Favor of the Emperor
Story 7
Chen Kechang Becomes an Immortal
Story 8
Jade Carver Cui’s Love Is Cursed in Life and in Death
Story 9
Li Bai Awes the Barbarians with His Writings
Story 10
Qian Yi Leaves Poems on the Swallow Tower
Story 11
Shirt Helps Reunite Magistrate Su with His Family
Story 12
Two-faced Mirror Reunites Fan with His Wife
Story 13
Magistrate Bao Judges with the Help of a Ghost
Story 14
A Mangy Priest Exorcises Ghosts
Story 15
Clerk Jin Rewards Xiutong with a Pretty Maidservant
Story 16
Gift Money from a Young Lady to a Young Man
Story 17
Sudden Promotion of a Luckless Scholar
Story 18
Former Protégé Repays His Patron
Story 19
Young Master Cui Brings an Evil Spirit upon Himself
Story 20
Golden Eel Harmful for Ji
Story 21
Emperor Taizu Escorts Jingniang on a Long Journey
Story 22
Tattered Felt Hat Helps Young Song Reunites with His Family
Story 23
Le Junior Searches for His Wife at the Risk of His Life
Story 24
Yutangchun Reunites with Her Husband
Story 25
Squire Gui Repents at the Last Moment
Story 26
Scholar Tang Gains a Wife after One Smile
Story 27
Fake Immortals Undermine Huaguang Temple
Story 28
White Snake Detained in Thunder Peak Tower
Story 29
Zhang Hao and Yingying Meet at Lingering Fragrance Pavilion
Story 30
Wu Qing and Ai’ai Meet by Golden Bright Pond
Story 31
Zhao Chun’er Revives the Cao Farmstead
Story 32
Du Shiniang Throws Her Valuables in River
Story 33
Qiao Yanjie’s Concubine Ruins the Family
Story 34
Wang Jiaoluan’s Century-old Sorrow
Story 35
Prefect Kuang Cracks the Case of a Dead Baby
Story 36
Honey Locust Grove King Assumes Human Shape
Story 37
Wan Xiuniang Takes Revenge through Toy Pavilions
Story 38
Jiang Shuzhen Dies for Love
Story 39
Fortune, Rank and Longevity Stars Return to Heaven
Story 40
Iron Tree Subdues Demons in the Jingyang Palace
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Chinese Classics: Stories Enlightening the World (ISBN:9787508535258)
Sample pages of Chinese Classics: Stories Enlightening the World (ISBN:9787508535258)
Sample pages of Chinese Classics: Stories Enlightening the World (ISBN:9787508535258)
Sample pages of Chinese Classics: Stories Enlightening the World (ISBN:9787508535258)

During the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States periods, there lived a man named Yu Rui, with the honorific “Boya”, in Yingdu, capital of the State of Chu, in what is now Jingzhou Prefecture in Huguang. Though a native of the State of Chu, Yu Boya was destined for a career as an official in the State of Jin, where he rose to be a senior grand master. By order of the king of Jin, he went on an official visit to Chu. Romantic scholar that he was, Boya found the sights to be all that he had hoped to enjoy. With the sails unfurled, the boats rode on the undulating green waves, the distant wooded mountains and clear waters within full view. Before many days had passed, he found himself and his entourage at the mouth of Hanyang River. It was the fifteenth night of the eighth lunar month, the night of the Mid-autumn Festival. Suddenly, a storm sprang up. With waves leaping high and rain pouring down in sheets, the boats had to be moored at the foot of a hill. A while later, the wind died down, the waves subsided, the rain stopped, and the clouds cleared, revealing a bright, rain-washed moon that shone with double its usual brightness.
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Chinese Classics: Stories Enlightening the World