Chinese Ancient Love Stories: The Romance of the Western Bower (English-Chinese)

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Author: Zhang Xuejing; Wang Shifu;
Language: Chinese & English
Format: 1 Book
Page: 223
Publication Date: 03/2000
ISBN: 7800055523/9787800055522
Publisher: New World Press
Series: Chinese Ancient Love Stories
On his way to the capital to sit for the civil service examination, Zhang Junrui, a gifted scholar of the Tang Dynasty, arrives in Mid-River Prefecture. He pays a visit to the Salvation Monastery, where he meets and falls in love with Oriole, daughter of late Prime Minister Cui. Madame Cui and her daughter are escorting the coffin of the prime minister to his ancestral burial ground Boling, and are resting for a while at the monastery.

Master Zhang's attempts to approach Oriole are interrupted by a bandit named Sun the Flying Tiger, who surrounds the monastery with his rebel band of 5,000. Sun has heard of the legendary beauty of Oriole, and demands that she be handed over to him as his wife, otherwise he will sack the monastery. In desperation, Madame Cui promises to give her daughter's hand to whoever can lift the siege. Zhang writes a letter to his sworn brother Du Que, known as the White Horse General. Du Que comes immediately to the rescue, routs the bandits and captures their leader. But now that the crisis has passed, Madame Cui begins to regret her rash promise. In her husband's lifetime, Oriole had been engaged to be married to her worthless cousin Zheng Heng, and Madame Cui thinks that it would be the height of impropriety to break the engagement to give her daughter to a poor scholar like Zhang. Oriole's maid, Rose, acts as the secret go-between for the young lovers, and Madame Cui finally reluctantly agrees to allow Zhang to marry Oriole, but only on condition that he first comes top in the examination, and returns as the No.1 Scholar. Zhang and Oriole have a tearful parting at the Pavilion of Parting. Zhang wins the highest honor in the examination and is made prefect of Mid-River Prefecture. But when he returns in triumph he finds that Zheng Heng has claimed his bride, having tricked Madame Cui into believing that Zhang has married the daughter of Minister Wei in the capital and only intends to make Oriole justice. Zheng Heng's lie is exposed, whereupon he kills himself. Zhang and Oriole are married on the spot, with her mother's blessing.
Table of Contents
第一章 佛殿惊艳  Chapter One  Enchantment at the Hall of Buddha
第二章 隔墙和诗  Chapter Two  An Exchange of Verses
第三章 道场闹斋  Chapter Three  Uproar at the Funeral Service
第四章 传书退贼  Chapter Four  Letter Summons Help
第五章 家宴赖婚  Chapter Five  The Promise Broken at a Family Feast
第六章 君瑞琴挑  Chapter Six  The Love Message of the Lute
第七章 莺莺赖简  Chapter Seven  Repudiation
第八章 佳期暗度  Chapter Eight  The Tryst
第九章 夫人考红  Chapter Nine  A Handmaid in the Dock
第十章 长亭泣别  Chapter Ten  A Tearful Farewell Feast
第十一章  终成眷属  Chapter Eleven  The Wedding
Chinese Ancient Love Stories: The Romance of the Western Bower (English-Chinese)