Chinese Ancient Love Story: The River Flows Eastward in Spring (English-Chinese)

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In the latter part of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period (907-960), Li Yu, king of Southern Tang, takes to wife the younger sister of his deceased queen. This girl, Yiyi, although of tender years, is not only exceedingly beautiful, she is naturally gifted with intelligence. Li Yu is madly in love with her. Another concubine, Liuzhu, as a consequence of her intrigues to oust Yiyi from the king's favor, is shut up in an isolated hut as a punishment. In the meantime, Li Yu and Yiyi become inseparable, completely absorbed in love for one another. Zhao Kuangyin, emperor of the Song Dynasty conquers Southern Tang, and absorbs it into his empire. Li Yu, along with Yiyi and the other members of his household as well as his ministers, is forced to move to the Song capital, Bianjing. Because Li Yu did not surrender his kingdom when ordered to, he is given the title of Lord Insubordinate, and kept under house arrest, alone, to reflect on his error. Yiyi, with her outstanding beauty, catches the eye of Zhao Kuangyin, but the latter is dissuaded by his brother, Zhao Guangyi — who is himself infatuated with Yiyi — from taking her into his palace for the time being. After the death of Zhao Kuangyin, his brother ascends the throne. Zhao Guangyi tries every method he can think of to beguile Yiyi, but she remains steadfastly true to Li Yu. In and effort to break her will, the new emperor forces her to dance to the point of exhaustion every day. But it is Zhao Guangyi who loses patience first. After he is shown poems written by Li Yu, expressing longing for his old kingdom, Zhao Guangyi decides to rid himself of both Li Yu and Yiyi. On Li Yu's 42th birthday, the emperor holds a banquet for the exiled king and all his entourage. Afterwards, he has a cup of poison, delivered to the lovers, who know perfectly well what it is and nevertheless drink it and die together.
Table of Contents
第一章        豆蔻年华初识君
Chapter One  A Maiden Meets Her Lord
第二章        凤冠初得享君恩
Chapter Two  Vying for the Phoenix Crown
第三章        雕栏玉砌神仙侣
Chapter Three   A Fairytale Couple
第四章        三千宠爱在一身
Chapter Five  Soft Reed Hall
第五章        破国亡家赴汴梁
Chapter Five  Doleful Exile ini Bianliang
第六章        异乡孤馆各凄凉
Chapter Six  Dreary Exile
第七章        咫尺相思天涯恨
Chapter Seven  The Lovers Are Separated
第八章        一江春水向东流
Chapter Eight  The River Flows Eastward in Spring
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Chinese Ancient Love Story: The River Flows Eastward in Spring (English-Chinese)