Chinese Ancient Love Story: The Palace of Eternal Youth (English-Chinese)

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Author: Chen Meilin; Hong Sheng;
Language: Chinese & English
Format: 1 Book
Page: 215
Publication Date: 01/2000
ISBN: 7800055531/9787800055539
Publisher: New World Press
Series: Chinese Ancient Love Stories
Table of Contents
第一章  纳妃定情  Chapter One  A Spring Outing in the River Bend
第二章  曲江赏春  Chapter Two  Visit to a Storyteller
第三章  争宠招辱  Chapter Three  Humiliated Because of Jealousy
第四章  思妃招还  Chapter Four  Longing and Recall
第五章  传曲制谱  Chapter Five  Passing on and Writing the Music
第六章  贡荔扰民  Chapter Six  Paying a Tribute of Lichee
第七章  情移生怨  Chapter Seven  Shift of Affection Triggers a Grudge
第八章  窥浴密誓  Chapter Eignt  Peeping a Bath and Secret Vow
第九章  范阳叛变  Chapter Nine  Fanyang Rebellion
第十章  马嵬死别  Chapter Ten  Death at Mawei Station
第十一章 死不泯情  Chapter Eleven  The Spirit Followed
第十二章 闻铃哭像  Chapter Twelve  Hearing Bells and Mourning the Image
第十三章 归途改葬  Chapter Thirteen  The Reburial on the Way Back
第十四章 补恨重圆  Chapter Fourteen  Making A mends and the Lover's Reunion
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Chinese Ancient Love Story: The Palace of Eternal Youth (English-Chinese)