Graded Chinese Reader 2: Selected Abridged Chinese Contemporary Short Stories (with MP3)

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This book is an abridged version of short stories and novellas written by contemporary Chinese writers, reflecting everyday life of ordinary Chinese people. The book contains around 3000 Chinese words based on the 1033 words of Level A and 2018 words of Level B listed in the HSK (The Chinese Proficiency Test) outline. The book focuses on concise and short sentences with complete structure, and commonly used words in high frequency. Pinyin is added to the full text, English notes or sample sentences for difficult words and sentences are provided. 'Guide to Reading' and 'About the Author' in English and 'Questions' in Chinese follow each story. With original illustrations for each story and narration included with CD (mp3).
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by Sarah Henderson-Sharon on 2015-06-23 09:11:38
I bought the Graded Readers 2 and 3. Previously, I had read a few of the Chinese Breeze readers, but they have not yet published beyond level three and that had become too easy. There is quite a big difference between the two series. Chinese Breeze have the advantage of no pinyin, and their MP3 recordings come with slow and fast readings which is great if you want to read along. Graded Readers have pinyin, but a card to block it out is provided, and the MP3 track is read at a pretty fast pace. The thing that makes the Graded Reader series so good, though, is the fact that you are reading real stories rather than those written for language students. The stories are therefore much more interesting. As you would hope, there is plenty of vocabulary and grammar recycling built into the adaptations. If you want to read Chinese for pleasure, these books are great.
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Graded Chinese Reader 2: Selected Abridged Chinese Contemporary Short Stories (with MP3)