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ChinaLawInfo Co., Ltd., is a legal information and education company, established by Peking University through its Legal Information Center. ChinaLawInfo offers a wide variety of electronic means to access legal information and distance legal education in Chinese. ChinaLawInfo's mission is to serve each and every user with high-quality, low-cost and user-friendly products that contain the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date legal information.

Organized into 63 legal subjects ranging from family law to technology contracts, its Laws & Regulations Collections is a broad selection of China's most important national and local laws and regulations as well as judicial interpretations issued by the Supreme People's Court.

Its current collections include the following:
All basic laws adopted by the National People's Congress (NPC) and NPC Standing Committee from 1949 to the present;
All the administrative regulations promulgated by the State Council from 1949 to the present;
Most of the important administrative rules or orders promulgated or approved by different department under the State Council and independent agencies such as Securities Regulatory Commission;
Important judicial interpretations that substantially influence legal practices and which are recognized as an indispensable part of original Chinese laws and regulations; and
Important local regulations and rules that impact foreign-related activities from various municipalities including those directly under the central government, provinces, autonomous regions, special economic zones and some provincial capitals.

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