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Three Gorges of The Yangtze River
ISBN: 9787503219108 | Published on 11/2001

The Subterranean Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang-The Eighth Wonder of the World
ISBN: 9787503218811 | Published on 09/2001 | Reviews:
The Subterranean Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang-The Eighth Wonder of the World

Sanxingdui and the Ancient Shu Culture
ISBN: 9787503218651 | Published on 07/2001
The ruins in Sanxing Village,eight kilometers west of Guanghan City on the fertile Western Sichuan Plain,is indeed a world's miracle. The...

China Travel Manual
ISBN: 750321841X / 978750321841X | Published on 07/2001
This book will acquaint the readers with tourism in China by offering a wealth of information about sightseeing, transportation, food, shopping,...

Cheng Du
ISBN: 7503217960 | Published on 01/2001
Chengdu is the capital city Of Sichuan Province, the home to pandas. It is well known for it's long history, cultural charms and beautiful seenery....

China's Imperial Palaces
ISBN: 7503216964 / 9787503216980 | Published on 01/2000
In the eighteenth century, China was ruled by the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). The emperor was a hard-working man who rose early to attend court. His...

Traditional Chinese Auspicious Patterns
ISBN: 9787503218908 | Published on 01/1999
In China, ritual words and patterns are popular with nearly every people and are used in the celebrations and assembles which are deeply rooted in...

ISBN: 9787503218894 | Published on 01/1999
This album forms a view of Shanghai from the aspect of the tourists. Shanghai is really a fanscinating metropolis for tourists from both home and...

Shanghai Tour Guide
ISBN: 9787532253326
Welcome to Shanghai! This is a handbook of Shanghai tour guide. With maps of nine most famous scenic sections in Shanghai, it shows you the...

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