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A Chinese and English Guide to Sinological Classics
ISBN: 9787300270937 | Published on 07/2019

A Moderately Prosperous Society in China
ISBN: 9787300294476 | Published on 06/2021
This book systematically presents the development of a Moderately Prosperous Society in China, clarifies the main connotation, essential features,...

A new coursebook on Chinese-English translation
ISBN: 9787300257105 | Published on 06/2018

A Survey of Chinese Culture
ISBN: 7300194923, 9787300194929 | Published on 01/2015
Chinese classical important philosophers and thinkers and their main ideas, ancient China's cultural achievements, and social folk culture...
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An Overview of Chinese Economy: Past, Present and Future
ISBN: 9787300314754 | Published on 03/2023

Ausgewählte Lieder Der Song
ISBN: 9787300252377 | Published on 01/2019 | Series: Bibliothek Der Chinesischen Klassiker Chinesisch-Deutsch

Beautiful and Happy Shenzhen: Tourism
ISBN: 9787300286037 | Published on 09/2021

Big Power's Responsibility China's Perspective
ISBN: 7300131581,9787300131580 | Published on 03/2011
This book is a most timely one that not only system.atically introduces China’S current international responsi.bilities,but also responds to the...

China's Future
ISBN: 9787300158570 | Published on 08/2012

China's Governance: Road of Rejuvenation of the Eastern Power
ISBN: 9787300246253 | Published on 10/2017 | Series: Recognizing and Understanding China Series | Reviews:
This is the English edition, which reviews the governance issues or problems of China in development over the 40 years since the Reform and...

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