Big Power's Responsibility China's Perspective

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This book is a most timely one that not only system.atically introduces China’S current international responsi.bilities,but also responds to the intemational public opinions arguing on whether China is a responsible power.Today,the mainstream of public opinions in Western powers seldom labels the emergence of China as a “threat”.but neither do it regards China as a“partner”.The focus of the debate is on whether China is“responsible”.Under the powerful monopoly of Western opinions,the world can hear little of China,S voice.This book aims at demonstrating the views of China,S top scholars on the issue of international responsibilities in order to add a Chinese perspective to this hot topic in international politics,introducing in details China’S achievements in shouldering international responsibilities in terms of maintaining world peace and promoting coinlnon development,showing the image of a responsible power,and for the international readers who are concerned about the emergence of China and China.Western relations,arousing their interests in the voice from China SO as to eliminate misundcrstandings.At the same time,this book also offers an in。depth analysis of the problems and challenges faced by China while its taking up international responsibilities。The publication of this book will help to break the monopoly of Western media and academia in public opinion and discourse on relevant issues SO as to create a more favorable externa]environment for China,S diplomacy.

About Author
Jin Canrong,born in 1962,received his bachelor,S degree from the Department of International Politics,Fudan University in l984,master's degree from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Graduate School in l 987 and doctor’S degree from the School of International Studies, Beijing University in l999.He cuently serves as Deputy Dean and Professor at the Sch001 0f International Studies, Tutor of the PhD student in Diplomacy,Director of Academic Committee at the Center for International Energy and Environment Strategy Studies,and Deputy Director at the Research Center for American Studies in China Renmin University.He is also the vice president of China National Association for Intemational Studies,research fellow at the Research Of6ce of the Standing Committee of the National People’S Congress,research fellow at the Center for Peace and Development in China,standing councilor of China Reform Forum,councilor of China International Public Relations Association,and standing councilor of Shanghai Future Asia Society.His studies focus on US political system and political culture,US foreign policy,China—US relations and relations among major powers,and China’S foreign policy.He delivers lectures on“foreign decision.making studies”,“US foreign policy and China.US relations”.and“theories and practice of China,S diploma cy”,etc—His main publications include Multilateralism and Cooperation among East Asian Countries,Views from Chinese Scholars on Power Strategy,etc.,and hundreds of academic articles and reviews.
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Sample pages of Big Power's Responsibility China's Perspective (ISBN:7300131581,9787300131580)

Sample pages of Big Power's Responsibility China's Perspective (ISBN:7300131581,9787300131580)

Ntegration into the international community as well as the establishment of diplomatic relations with a large number ot countries. China's leadership gradually realized that war and revolution are not the permanent themes of the times. In the 1980s, they drew the conclusion that peace and development are the two major themes in the current world according to the new changes of the world situation. In the last more than 30 years, closely around these themes of the times, China has made continuous efforts to promote the world peace and development. In the new period, China raises its view on the new concept of the times for not only the domestic affairs but also the whole world for the first time. It mainly includes five aspects——the view ofprofound changes, harmonious world, common development,sharedresponsibility and active participation. 16 The world today is undergoingmajor development, major changes and major rebalancing and Chinabelieves that the striving for peace and cooperation, and the promotionof development are irresistible historical trends and that theinternational community should make efforts in building a harmoniousworld of enduring peace and common prosperity. 17 The interests ofcountries are inter-linked and countries are sharing a common destiny,so they must build up the modern thinking of promoting commondevelopment of countries and focus more upon exchange andcooperation, mutual learning, mutual benefits, win-win results andcommon development China is a responsible member of the worldcommunity, as it always actively participates in the internationalcooperation with other countries against global challenges and threatsout of the consideration of human existence and development.
Big Power's Responsibility China's Perspective