Experiencing Chinese – Basic Course II (100-110 Hours) (with audios)

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Planned by the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. This is a series of textbooks written especially for foreign students at the elementary level of Chinese. There are a total of 50 lessons divided evenly into two volumes. There are 11 parts in each lesson: "Sentences", "Vocabulary", "Text", "Notes", "Pattern Drills", "Strike While Iron Is Hot", "Vocabulary Extension", "Listening and Speaking", "Characters", "Reading & Writing", and "Pronunciation".
Table of Contents
第25课 兴趣(1)Interest(1) 我对书法非常感兴趣I’m really interested in Chinese calligraphy.
第26课 兴趣(2)Interest(2) 你喜欢什么运动What sports do you like
第27课 兴趣(3)Interest(3) 你看过这部电影吗Have you seen this movie
第28课 邀请(1)Invitation(1) 今天我请客Today is my treat
第29课 邀请(2)Invitation(2) 咱们带一束花去吧Let’s take a bunch of flowers when we go there
第30课 婉拒Declination 以后再说吧Let’s talk about it later
第31课 计划(1)Plan(1) 咱们布置一下儿房间吧Let’s decorate the room
第32课 计划(2)Plan(2) 寒假你有什么打算What plan do you have for winter vacation
第33课 计划(3)Plan(3) 我一毕业就回国I’ll go back to my country as soon as I graduate
第34课 旅行(1)Traveling (1) 机票买回来了We’ve got the tickets
第35课 旅行(2)Traveling (2) 把登机牌拿好Take your boarding pass
第36课 旅行(3)Traveling (3) 上有天堂,下有苏杭Up above there is Paradise;down here there are Suzhou and Hangzhou
第37课 帮助(1)Help(1) 能帮我们照张像吗Could you take a picture for us
第38课 帮助(2)Help(2) 我的包落在出租车上了My bag was left in a taxi
第39课 帮助(3)Help(3) 我想请她帮个忙I’d like to ask her to do me a favor
第40课 抱歉(1)Apology (1) 真抱歉,我来晚了So sorry, I’m late
第41课 抱歉(2)Apology (2) 对不起,我忘告诉你了Sorry, I forgot to tell you
第42课 推测(1)Conjection (1) 看来,你已经习惯这里的生活了It seems that you have got used to the life here
第43课 推测(2)Conjection (2) 看样子要下雨了It seems to rain
第44课 推测(3)Conjection (3) 她好像有什么心事She seems to have some concerns
第45课 建议(1)Suggestion (1) 早睡早起身体好Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy
第46课 建议(2)Suggestion (2) 坚持到底就是胜利Success belongs to the persevering
第47课 赞美Praise 你的汉语进步真大You’ve made a really big progress in Chinese
第48课 送别To see someone off测验Test 祝你一路平安Have a nice trip
附录 1.词语表 Vocabulary IndexAppendix 2. 句子卡片 Sentence Cards
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Experiencing Chinese – Basic Course II (100-110 Hours) (with audios)