Experiencing Chinese - High School 1A Workbook

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Language: Chinese & English
Format: Papercover
Page: 62
Publication Date: 06/2008
ISBN: 9787040222609
Publisher: Higher Education Publishing House
Series: Experiencing Chinese for High School
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This workbook is for Experiencing Chinese of senior high series. It can be done in class under the instruction of teachers, or after class as homework. Teachers make this choice according to their teaching plan and individual situation of students. There are mainly two parts in each lesson: "have a try" and "exercises", especially compiled to enhance key points of each lesson from listening, speaking, reading and writing. "Have a try" lays particular emphasis on activities in class, aiming to drill students' ability of expressing in Chinese. "Exercises", divided into three parts---pronunciation, vocabulary and Chinese characters, pays special attention to strengthening and improving the things learned in class. Each part is a task-oriented activity, which is full of fun, and designed for the psychology of senior high school students. Therefore, students can learn by using, playing and experiencing.
Table of Contents
Lesson 1 Greetings 问候
Lesson 2 Names 名字
Lesson 3 Classmates 同学
Lesson 4 What's in Your Bag 学习用品
Lesson 5 My Family 家庭
Lesson 6 My Home 我的家
Lesson 7 Personal Items 个人物品
Lesson 8 Animals 动物
Lesson 9 Friends 朋友
Lesson 10 Famous People 名人
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Sample pages of Experiencing Chinese - High School 1A Workbook (ISBN:9787040222609)

Sample pages of Experiencing Chinese - High School 1A Workbook (ISBN:9787040222609)
Experiencing Chinese - High School 1A Workbook