Speedy Chinese Learning: Elementary Speaking & Listening (English, Japanese & Korean Annotation)

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This beginning-level textbook was created for foreigners to learn spoken Chinese. It starts form ground zero and is ideally suited for a classroom setting. Students will gain the most form this book if they are active in class and self-motivated to study on their own.

This book focused on the most common sentences used in daily life and assembles them in real-life conversations. There are 12 lessons totally, and each lesson includes 6 sections: a. Practical sentence patterns; b. Text; c. New words and phrases; d. Communicating; e. Spoken language practice; f. Listening comprehension

The practical sentence patterns section is the most important part of each lesson and should be memorized because it is the foundation of this textbook. In the new words and phrases section, you only need to learn the primary ones listed and not the additional ones next to each primary.

In each lesson, we’ve composed dialogue conversations around one topic to accelerate the learning process. We’ve also designed each conversation with an open-ended introduction and closing. In other words, we teach you how to end conversations on your own initiative, how to refuse or accept something, and how to start new conversations.

Our goal is for you to be encouraged to speak as possible in class. Therefore, the largest section of each lesson is exercised. This section contains 4 parts.

pronunciation practice. Students will read and listen to different sounds, and then distinguish the differences between them.
Word and sentence pattern practice. Students will study patterns, and substitute different words as necessary.
Communication practice. Students are introduced to different methods of learning Chinese, i.e. interactive class games, which create a lively environment.
Listening comprehension. Listening and speaking are highly interrelated. Students will learn the meaning of many new words, phrases, and sentences.

This book has translations in English and Korean; both utilize the Chinese pinyin phonetic alphabet system. All 12 lessons can be completed in 50-60 classroom hours.

Table of Contents
Chinese Phonetic Alphabet
The Most Frequently Used Words
第一课  你好!
Lesson 1       Hello!
第二课  吃饭
Lesson 2       Have a Meal
第三课  有点儿辣
Lesson 3       It’s a Little Bit Hot
第四课  时间
Lesson 4       Time
第五课  问路
Lesson 5       Asking the Way
第六课  多长时间?
Lesson 6       How Long?
第七课  买东西
Lesson 7       Buying Things
第八课  周末干什么?
Lesson 8       What Are You Going to Do This Weekend?
第九课  帮忙
Lesson 9       Give Me a Hand
第十课  怎么样?
Lesson 10       What About…?
第十一课       旅行
Lesson 11       Traveling
第十二课       告别
Lesson 12       Say Good-bye
Tape Script
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Speedy Chinese Learning: Elementary Speaking & Listening (English, Japanese & Korean Annotation)