Cassava Cultivation and Processing Technology

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Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ New Cassava Varieties with High Quality
South China No.5
South China No.6
South China No.7
South China No.8
South China No.9
South China No.10
South China No.11
South China No.12
South China No.13
South China No.14
Guire No.8
Guire No.9
Guimushu No.6
Guimushu No.7
Guiken 09-26
Guiken 09-11

Chapter Ⅱ Techniques for the Cultivation and Management of Cassava
Large-scale Cassava Tissue Culture Seedlings-A Rapid Propagation Technology System with High Efficiency and Low Consumption
Rapid Propagation Technology System for Cassava Shootcuttings
Storage Techniques for Cassava Shoot Segments in Winter
Overwintering Storage Techniques for Cassava Mature Stems
Safely Returning to Field Techniques for Cassava Stems
Technology for the Preparation of Nursery Substrate from Cassava Stems
High-yield Cassava Cultivation Techniques
Cultivation Technique of Band Girdling on Stem Cutting to Improve Cassava Root Yield
Cassava Highly Efficient Cultivation Techniques in Yunnan

Chapter Ⅲ Control Techniques for Cassava Diseases and Insect Pests
Control Techniques for Cassava Bacterial Wilt Disease
Control Techniques for Cassava Mosaice Disease
Occurrence and Control of Tetranychus Cinnabarinus
Occurrence and Control of Mononychellus Tanajoa
Occurrence and Control of Dorysthenes Granulosus
Occurrence and Control of Grubs
Occurrence and Control of Cotton Bollworm
Occurrence and Control of Bemisia tabaci

Chapter Ⅳ Technology for Cassava ion and Processing
Cleaner, Low-consumption ion Technology for Edible Cassava Powder
Miniature and High-quality Processing and Integrated Equipment Technology for Cassava Powder
The Clean ion Process of Cassava Starch Recovery and Utilization Technology for Starch Processing Waste, Based on Polymer Technology
Processing Technology and Integrated Equipment for Cassava-based Ethanol fuel with an Annual Output of 200 000t
Three-column Six-section Differential Pressure Distillation Energy-saving System
Cassava Cultivation and Processing Technology