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The Tone Emergence Process of Chinese as a Second Language - Studies Based on the Native Speakers of Toneless Language
ISBN: 9787561937303 | Published on 01/2014
Level: 汉语研究者 Chinese tones are the focus of CSL learners and also the difficult point for Chinese learners whose native language is toneless. Based...

A Pedagogical Grammar of Chinese (Simplified Characters Version)
ISBN: 9787561927885,7561927886 | Published on 07/2010
《对外汉语教学语法(简体字版)》立足于汉语教学与研究第一线,详解教学语法之本质,关注语法教学之方法学与理论框架,筑就理论语法与语言教学沟通的桥梁。 About Author 邓...
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汉语教学名家文选 吕必松卷 组合汉语研究的足迹
ISBN: 9787561961018 | Published on 07/2022

Theoretical Studies and Use of Cross-Cultural Communication
ISBN: 9787561939482 | Published on 12/2014
Level: ; Adults From the perspective of second language education, this bookstudies cross-cultural communication and systematically explores how...

World Language Education and Talents Cultivation
ISBN: 9787561939826 | Published on 12/2014
Level: Adults This book collects the research findings at the first APEC (Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation) education forum held at Beijing...

The Voice of “Reality” - A Study on CSL Teachers’ Classroom Communication
ISBN: 9787561938324 | Published on 08/2014
This book makes a substantial study from the perspective of “reality” on CSL teachers’ classroom communicative activities. Abundant interviews,...

A Comparative Study of English and Japanese Speakers' Speech Processing Strategies for the “比” Sentence
ISBN: 9787561938447 | Published on 06/2014
Level: Chinese Teachers (TCSL), 汉语研究者 The “比” sentence has always been an important and difficult point in the teaching of Chinese as a foreign...

Papers from the Second International Symposium of Chinese Interlanguage Corpus: Construction and Application
ISBN: 9787561937488 | Published on 03/2014
This is a collection of papers carefully selected from the Second International Symposium of Chinese Interlanguage Corpus: Construction and...

Similar Chinese Words and Expressions: Recognition and Acquisition
ISBN: 7561937725, 9787561937723 | Published on 03/2014
Level:  Chinese Teachers (TCSL), 汉语研究者 Based on the HSK Dynamic Composition Corpus, this book relates and classifies the Chinese words that are...

A Phonetic Study of Lan-Yin Mandarin
ISBN: 9787561937433 | Published on 03/2014
Usage Advice:  To be used as an extra-curricular reading material for undergraduates and postgraduates majoring in dialects and relative subjects or...