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Getting to Know China: A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture (Album 1 with 5DVD)(Korean Edition)
ISBN: 9787561920855 | Published on 11/2008
Usage Advice: Users intended: Foreigners without any experience in Chinese learning and teachers of Chinese as a foreign language, Chinese elementary...

ISBN: 9787561919903 | Published on 01/2008
Book 1: Homeland of the Dragon gives general information about China. Book 2: Eminent Figures in Chinese History introduces famous people in Chinese...

Craftworks of China
ISBN: 9787508510927 | Published on 08/2007
Level: 成人(学汉语) It is an enjoyable thing for one to travel around China and appreciate the long history and profound culture contained in the...

Chinese Arts & Crafts: History, Techniques
ISBN: 9787508509624 | Published on 08/2006
Level: 成人(学汉语) The traditional arts and crafts of China have won unique good reputations in the history of the material culture of the various...

Chinese Clothing: Costumes, Adornments and Culture
ISBN: 9787508505404 | Published on 10/2004
Level: Advanced In the Chinese way of describing the necessities of life, clothing ranks at the top of "garments, food, shelter and means of travel"....

China: A Great Country in the East (4 Books)
ISBN: 7561909330/H•01020 | Published on 11/2002
《中国那个地方》画册是中国国家对外汉语教学领导小组办公室委托北京语言大学出版社编辑出版的向海外华裔子女介绍中国基本情况的课外读物。本书分为四册: 第一册 《龙的故乡》 介绍中国概况; 第二册 《华夏春秋》 介绍中国历史文化人物; 第三册 《九州名胜》 介绍中国自然和文化名胜; 第四册 《中华物产》...

The Oriental Cultures and the East Asian Nationalities
ISBN: 7561908814 | Published on 11/2000
Level: Advanced, 汉语研究者 231

Essentials of the History of Chinese Culture
ISBN: 7561906730 | Published on 01/1994
Level: Elementary, Intermediate, 汉语研究者

ISBN: 9787899977507 | Series: China: A Great Country in The East
This series is intended for those overseas Chinese who are learning Chinese and interested in the basic condition of China.Pictures that fully and...
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Threshold of Chinese Culture Vol 1
ISBN: 9787561960738 | Published on 12/2022 | Series: Threshold of Chinese Culture
Target Audience (Age): Middle School, College, Adults Threshold of Chinese Culture, a series of general teachingmaterials on Chinese culture designed...

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