Beijing Days

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Jon Burris is an American photographer and fine art consultant who has traveled to Beijing over the past thirteen years. During this period of time, he has witnessed the immense changes in the city that have transformed it into a vibrant world capital and center for contemporary art. Through his photography he has created a visual journal illustrating the transition and rapid growth of Beijing; its landmarks, traditional or newly added, such as the centuries-old Forbidden City and the futuristic skyscrapers of the central business district are shown along with a cross section of Beijingers from street market vendors, to cosmopolitan shoppers, to China's top contemporary artists in their studios.

"One cannot know Beijing in a single visit; not in two, not in ten. You can only collect impressions, one upon another, overlapping images in the mind's eye, fragments of memory that layer upon layer, comprise a sense of place, of time passing, and of the future unfolding before your eyes".--Jon Burris
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Beijing Days