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HALLERSTEIN: The Foreign Astronomer in the Forbidden City
ISBN: 9787561939833 | Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press | Published on 11/2014
Level: Elementary ,Intermediate ,Advanced ; Adults This is a picture book with Chinese and English annotations. It describes several important...

Collection of Dunhuang Grottoes: Picture of the Lotus Sutra 7
ISBN: 9620752651 | Publisher: Shanghai People's publishing House | Published on 06/2000 | Series: Collection of Dunhuang Grottoes

The Collection Of The Opening & Closing Ceremony With The Highlights Of The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (7 DVD)
ISBN: 9787799822440 | Publisher: China International TV Corporation | Published on 12/2008 | Reviews:
Audio Format: DD 2.0, DD 5.1 Video Format: Widescreen 1.85:1 (Anamorphic) Subtitles: N/A Voiceover Commentary: N/A Region Code: ALL The Collection...
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Beijing's Siheyuan - The Charm of Beijing
ISBN: 7802200660, 9787802200661 | Publisher: China Pictorial Publishing House | Published on 12/2006 | Series: The Charm of Beijing
Beijing is a city with an architectural history of nearly 3000 years. The old city of Beijing, like most pre-modern cities, was once encircled by...
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Chinese Ancient Clothing
ISBN: 7501014728, 9787501014729 | Publisher: Cultural Relics Publishing House | Published on 02/2004

The wisdom of the classics in comics: Madam White Snake Thunder God Shaolin Temple
ISBN: 9787514320510 | Publisher: Modern Press | Published on 01/2014 | Series: Cai Zhizhong's Comics | Reviews:
This new edition includes three comic adaptions of Chinese classics in simplified Chinese and English: Madam White Snake (白蛇传), Thunder God (雷公转) and...

The Great Thangka of King Gesar
ISBN: 9787549010653 | Publisher: Gansu Culture Press | Published on 05/2016
Paperback. Pub Date: 2016-05-01 Pages: 163 Language: Chinese Publisher: gansu culture press book gesar epic thangka coloured drawing or pattern...
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Tibetishe Literatur - Series of Basic Information of Tibet of China (German Version)
ISBN: 9787508507460 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 12/2005 | Series: Series of Basic Information of Tibet of China (German Version)

History of Chinese Civilization: History of Poetry
ISBN: 7500080603,9787500080602 | Publisher: Chinese Encyclopaedia Press | Published on 01/2009 | Series: History of Chinese Civilization

Seven Thousand Years of Chinese Costumes (4 Vols)
ISBN: 9787302253280 | Publisher: Tsinghua University Press | Published on 09/2011

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