A Coursebook for Chinese Culture in English

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Table of Contents
Chapter One Chinese Mythology混沌初开 太初之问
1.1 In the Beginning: The Stories of Hundun and Pangu混沌和盘古的故事
1.2 The First Battle: 111e Story of Gonggong and Zhurong共工和祝融的故事
1.3 The Lady in the Moon: The Story of Chang'e嫦娥的故事
Chapter Two Wisdom in Chinese Philosophy沉浸经典 含英咀华
2.1 Wisdom in Yi Jing智慧之《易经》
2.1.1 What is Yi?易有何意
2.1.2 The Formation of Yi Jing《易经》是怎样炼成的
2.1.3 Yin, Yang and Tai Ji易有太极是生两仪
2.1.4 Yin, Yang and Human Life一阴一阳之谓道
2.2 Wisdom in Confucianism智慧之儒家
2.2.1 Confucius as a Great Learner好学乐学孔子
2.2.2 Confucius as a Supreme Sage and Teacher of Great Attainments大成至圣先师孔子
2.2.3 Ren in Confucianism儒家之仁 人者仁心
2.2.4 L/in Confucianism儒家之礼 谦谦君子
2.2.5 X/ao in Confucianism(I)儒家之孝 以孝以敬(1)
2.2.6 X/ao in Confucianism(2)儒家之孝 以孝以敬(2)
2.2.7 Family, Country and the World家国天下 人类命运共同体
2.3 Wisdom in Daoism智慧之道家
2.3.1 Lao Zi and His Dao De Jin老子与《道德经》
2.3.2 Lao Zi'S Dao敢问老子"道"为何物
2.3.3 De in Daoism敢问老子"德"为何物
2.3.4 Wisdom of Daoism学老子之道 享智慧人生
2.3.5 The War Without War: Lao Zi's Philosophical Thoughts on War"无战之战"——反战的老子
2.3.6 Winning a War Without Fighting不战而屈人之兵——老子、孙子的战道
2.4 Wisdom of Sheng in Confucianism and Daoism儒道"生"之智慧
2.4.1 Oneness of Tian and Man: Reverence for Nature and Life天人合一: 敬畏自然 尊重生命
2.4.2 Man Modeling After Nature;Virtue Nurtured Through Frugality天人合一: 以天为则 简以养德
2.4.3 The Supreme Good Is like Water上善若水水中有德
2.4.4 Philosophical Meanings of Sheng"生"之哲学 "生"之蕴意
Chapter Three A Bite of China舌尖上的中国
3.1 Chinese Food中国食艺
3.1.1 Have You Eaten Yet?你吃了吗
3.1.2 Chinese as an Eating Language and Chinese Cooking as an Art"食"语"食"艺
3.1.3 Philosophy in Chopsticks箸中哲理
3.2 Chinese Tea中国茶饮
3.2.1 Various Functions of Tea百用之茶
3.2.2 Taste of Tea, Taste of Life茶味人生
Chapter Four Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine针灸本草 生命贵养
4.1 The Secret of Acupuncture针尖上的秘密
4.2 Naming of Herbs问道本草芳名
4.3 Keeping Healthy生命贵在于养
Chapter Five Dressing Code and Folk Art: The Unity of Body and Soul视听艺术 形神合一
5.1 The Cultural Code We Wear穿在身上的文化"密码"
5.2 Paper-cutting: An Amazing Folk Art"剪纸"——出神入化的民间艺术
5.3 Shadow Play: More Than an Art of Light and Shadow皮影戏——超越光影的艺术
Chapter Six Architecture Speaks建筑在说话
6.1 Timber Framework: The Weak Overcomes the Strong木结构——柔弱胜刚强
6.2 Layout: Beauty in Symmetry and Distancing布局——对称之美 远方之美
6.3 Unity of Man and Heaven: Silent Poem and Multi-dimensional Picture天人合一——无声的诗 立体的画
Chapter Seven Chinese Zodiac中国有生肖
7.1 Yin and Yang in the Legends of 12 Zodiac Animals"十二生肖"阴阳道
7.2 Chinese Zodiac and Human Life"十二生肖"与生活
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